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April 4, 2019

Digital Bridge Has Sights on Managing Digital Supply Chain from Cell Phone Tower to Data Center, Set to Present at TMT M&A Forum

On Thursday, April 11th, TMT M&A Forum USA 2019 will be taking place in NYC at New York Hilton Midtown. This year’s theme is “How Transactions Are Driving Change in Telecoms, Media, and IT Infrastructure and Services,” featuring executive keynotes, fireside chats, networking and meeting opportunities. At the conference, a number of CEOs and CFOs from the Digital Bridge portfolio will be participating in conversations focused on assessing how mergers and acquisitions will drive change in TMT M&A:

  • Sharif Metwalli, CFO, Vantage Data Centers
  • Raul Martynek, CEO, DataBank
  • Jim Hyde, CEO, ExteNet Systems

DataBank’s Role in the Digital Convergence of Fiber, Tower, and Data Centers

The mobile and internet infrastructure sector within the U.S. is bracing itself for the swiftly approaching 5G revolution, and there’s a great deal of discussion throughout the industry around how next generation network technology will fit into the wider commercialization of the communications ecosystem, according to TMT Finance.

In 2018, investments across the communications landscape were aggressive, bringing several of the largest ever merger valuations in addition to significant capex investments. However, it’s important to note that last year’s M&A activity was driven by smaller companies, suggesting that consolidation and scale remains a market driver. Consequently, it’s likely that telecom and media will continue to converge as the demand for end-to-end data delivery and a subsequent need for edge geography of infrastructure assets gives way to further investment and consolidation. The ultimate result is the opportunity for businesses pursuing M&As to shift business models to a changing ecosystem.

This reflects the strategy at DataBank, largely focused on functioning as a catalyst for the industry-wide consolidation. “5G is heavily influencing new investment and M&A in the US communications sector,” said Raul Martynek, CEO at DataBank. “As such, strengthening our partnerships with the other Digital Bridge companies and forming a joint strategy for operating the

TMT M&A Forum USA 2019 Event Details

If you’ve not yet registered for TMT M&A, don’t miss out.

April 11, 2019

New York Hilton Midtown

With 70+ speakers, 24+ sessions, and 5+ session types, there’s something for everyone looking to learn more about the next steps towards telecoms, media and technology investment, not to mention the latest innovations paving the way for TMT.

If your organization is looking for guidance on how to get ready for the 5G revolution, DataBank can offer feedback on the technology strategy and solutions that will put you in the best position of preparedness. Reach out to DataBank, or call us at 1.800.840.7533.