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January 30, 2020

Hosting Advice: Cast Aside Infrastructure Management and Focus on Your Core Competencies with DataBank’s Proactive Enterprise Services

Article originally published on Hosting Advice

It’s no secret that the IT market has evolved in step with changing customer needs during the past decade.

In terms of infrastructure, a growing number of enterprises must grapple with increasingly hybrid workloads (think colocation, public cloud, and private cloud environments). Managing the support of multiple vendors in this disconnected landscape is a nightmarish prospect, making the job of an IT admin considerably more difficult and time-consuming.

The folks at DataBank know this and have spent the past 15 years providing proactive infrastructure management services in step with a rapidly changing industry.

“In terms of the hybrid cloud journey, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every customer,” said Vlad Friedman, CTO at DataBank. “It’s the amalgamation of all these different platforms — and as you start to put them together, they become incredibly powerful but complex.”

Behind the scenes, DataBank’s team of professionals combine such networks into cohesive solutions while ensuring they are secure, monitored, backed up, and available. This allows the customer to focus on essential business objectives rather than infrastructure concerns.

DataBank leverages top-notch facilities, a robust national network, scalable cloud infrastructure, and a multihomed secure internet access hub to deliver its datacenter, cloud, and connectivity services to enterprises. Between its infrastructure, frameworks, and internal talent, the company strives to provide flexible, customer-centric solutions united seamlessly via the company’s advanced support portal.

As for the future, DataBank is working to reach additional markets while enhancing the managed cloud, internet, and compliance solutions that alleviate infrastructure burdens for customers across the nation.

Leveraging 15 Years of Experience in Mission-Critical Infrastructure

DataBank, founded in 2005 to address market demand for personalized colocation solutions, is headquartered in the former Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, which was converted into a datacenter six years prior.

From 2014 through 2018, the company experienced rapid growth due in part to an acquisition strategy that kicked off with the purchase of Arsalon Technologies. The move brought two additional datacenters, an extensive technical team, and a broad set of robust cloud and managed services into the fold.

In 2016, the company acquired Edge Hosting, a managed services provider founded in 1998 by Vlad himself.

“Edge Hosting was launched to focus on mission-critical managed services and application workloads that needed to be highly compliant, could never go down, and remain secure,” Vlad told us. “Today, Edge has enhanced the managed services arm of DataBank with a similar focus but on a much larger scale.”

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