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April 8, 2020

CISO Corner – Ep2: Continuity of Operations, Continuous Data Protection, Continuous Monitoring

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Episode Topics: Continuity of Operations, Continuous Data Protection, Continuous Monitoring
Featuring: Mark Houpt, Calli Schlientz, and Tyler Treat

Listen to Mark Houpt and his team as they discuss the two things we need to pay attention to as security practitioners during these troubling times. First, we cannot lose focus on our continuous monitoring operations. Secondly, we need to be more vigilant than ever because we’ve seen a marked increase in attacks recently, hoping to catch us off-guard.

DataBank’s customers are asking about what we are doing from a security and compliance perspective and how we are responding to an exponential uptick in these attacks now that more of us are working from home, and our attention diverted. Listen to what we’re hearing and seeing as we all try to grasp this new reality together.

DataBank’s CISO Corner is for CISO’s and security practitioners, where we discuss a variety of cybersecurity topics and current events from the CISO’s perspective. Our broadcast is designed to be a short intake for busy professionals, and for those of you who want to hear from security and compliance experts on the front lines who deal with these issues every day.