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October 29, 2020

CISO Corner – Ep5: Tipping Point Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS)

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Episode Topics:Tipping Point Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS).
Featuring: Special Guest, Blake Southerland, Trend Micro’s VP and GM

Listen to Blake Southerland, Mark Houpt and Tyler Treat as they share some history, Tipping Point 101, and some misconceptions about intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. IDS/IPS started as more of an intrustion detection service and has evolved into intrusion prevention.

Tyler Treat will also discuss how DataBank helps protect our customers and how we use the virtual patching functionality of Tipping Point to help protect our customers before systems can be formally patched by the vendor.

DataBank’s CISO Corner is for CISO’s and security practitioners, where we discuss a variety of cybersecurity topics and current events from the CISO’s perspective. It’s designed to be a short intake for busy professionals, and for those of you who want to hear from security and compliance experts on the front lines who deal with these issues every day.