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Analysis of the latest trends and developments from DataBank’s own thought-leaders and experts.

Author: Esther Banegas
DataBank’s Adaptive Approach to Going Green

Initiatives in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Elsewhere Highlight DataBank’s Unique Approach to Environmental Responsibility

DataBank Security Bulletin: Microsoft Windows DNS Server
DataBank Security Bulletin: Microsoft Windows DNS Server

On July 14, 2020, Microsoft published a security update guide for a Windows vulnerability in Microsoft Domain Name System (DNS)Server. Domain Name Servers are the “yellow pages” of the Internet that translate IP addresses into plain language names and vice-versa. This vulnerability has been designated Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) number CVE-2020-1350.

How a FedRAMP-Compliant Facility Can Benefit Any Data Center Customer
How a FedRAMP-Compliant Facility Can Benefit Any Data Center Customer

Learn what working with a FedRAMP-Compliant facility, the gold standard in security assessment means, and how this can benefit any data center customer.

DataBank's Ashburn, VA Data Center
DataBank expands DFW3, Opening Data Hall #2 and Expediting the Development of Data Hall #3

DFW3, home of our flagship Dallas area data center, has opened Data Hall 2 and expedited the development of Data hall 3 to meet growing customer demand.

Atlanta Data Center DataBank
Atlanta BusinessRadioX Features DataBank’s Brandon Peccoralo, General Manager of ATL1

Listen to Brandon Peccoralo, General Manager of DataBank’s ATL1 data center located in midtown on BusinessRadioX as he explains how the facility enables high- performance computing for the Georgia Institute of Technology.

CISO Corner – Episode 3: COVID-19 Security Impact, Security Questionnaires, Continuous Monitoring and Vulnerability Scanning.

Episode 3 Topics: How COVID-19 is impacting security, recent security questionnaires, and the Importance of continuous monitoring and vulnerability scanning.

Far Enough to Be Safe, Close Enough to Be Fast

Determining the Best Primary and Secondary Homes for Your Most Important IT assets

Essential Employees_Brandon_Nic_DataBank
Essential Employee Series: Keeping Our World Connected, The Unsung Heroes of the Data Center

We’re highlighting amazing, hardworking members of the DataBank team who, while taking the utmost precautions, are working tirelessly and fearlessly to keep us all connected.

DataBank Culture Posters 3UP
Building a Strong Company Culture to Support Your Mission-Critical Assets

During our recent growth, DataBank leadership has been keenly focused on the “people” aspect and purposefully set out to ensure that all team members across all of the acquired companies had an opportunity to help shape and embrace a culture we could all be proud of.



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