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How a DataBank Partner Closed a $9k MRR Colo Deal with a Community Bank

How a DataBank Partner Closed a $9k MRR Colo Deal with a Community Bank

The Challenge:

A DataBank partner approached DataBank in January with a colocation opportunity for a community bank. The bank was looking for a private suite/cage in a data center in the Denver area. They wanted to start with 4-5 racks but needed space to grow and expand in the near future. They had some racks that they wanted to use, but were also interested in possibly obtaining racks from the data center provider.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of their data, they had numerous security and compliance requirements that needed to be met. Their colocation space needed to be alarmed, with a notification to the bank’s IT team whenever the door was opened. They also wanted to thoroughly review the personnel policies, visitor access, physical security, environmentals, and cooling/power/redundancy of the selected facility. A data center that was ISO 27001 or SOC2 certified was a must, and ensuring tight security and continuous uptime were high priorities.

The customer also wanted to build on a platform that enabled the option for managed services, cloud, and interconnection services. Although their priority was finding secure, compliant colocation space, they wanted to future-proof their platform and give themselves the option to seamlessly adopt a hybrid strategy, DRaaS, or other cloud solutions down the road.

The Solution:

Fortunately, the Partner had an existing relationship with DataBank, having worked with us to close a colocation opportunity in a different vertical in 2021. After reviewing the requirements with the Partner, DataBank’s solutions architects drafted three possible solutions, giving the customer three choices of cages in two different Denver DataBank data centers.

The Partner then introduced DataBank to the customer. DataBank presented our solutions and scheduled two data center tours for the following week. During the tours, the customer got the chance to see firsthand how DataBank secures its facilities and how our cooling and power systems operate. The customer was very impressed with DataBank’s facilities and pleased with our security and compliance enablement.

After a series of discussions with the customer and some adjustments on power and space requirements, the options narrowed down to one of the Denver data centers. This data center had the rigorous security measures the customer was looking for, including 24x7x365 staffing, dual factor authentication, biometric authentication, and CCTV. The data center was also PCI DSS and SOC2 certified, meeting the compliance standards the customer required.

The customer felt that this facility was a perfect fit for their needs, and signed a 37 month, $9k MRR contract.

Why The Partner Won:

The Partner on this opportunity was a small IT consulting business with just a couple of employees. They won this lucrative colo deal due to a few reasons.

First, they brought DataBank in early and leaned heavily on our sales team and solutions architects throughout the sales cycle. When the Partner registered the opportunity, DataBank’s sales team scheduled a discovery call with the Partner almost immediately. Within a matter of three business days, we had built out the solution options for the customer. From there, the Partner brokered an introduction between DataBank and the customer and DataBank took over the opportunity, working directly with the customer to build the ultimate solution.

Small partners especially, can benefit from leveraging DataBank’s expertise early and often to uncover more opportunities and close more deals.

Second, security and compliance were huge factors in winning this opportunity. For customers who need to meet SSAE18, FedRAMP/FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ITAR, NIST, or just about any other compliance standard, there is no better provider than DataBank.

Third, DataBank’s future proof platforms. Although a customer may only need colocation today, as their needs evolve, they may need cloud services. DataBank’s platform enables customers’ digital transformations by allowing them to seamlessly adopt IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, and other cloud services.

Fourth, our reach. DataBank’s geographic footprint of 70+ data centers located in 30+ metros puts us within 50 miles of over half the population of the United States. So, no matter where in the country your customer is located, chances are DataBank has a secure, compliant data center facility right in their backyard. In this customer’s case, DataBank had multiple facilities in the area they wanted and was able to provide them 3 different solution options, all of which fit their needs precisely. Being able to give the customer multiple options helps increase the odds of them finding something they like, and you winning the deal.

Business Outcome

Moving into DataBank’s data center gave the customer the security and compliance controls they needed to keep their sensitive information secure. It also gave them the room to grow within their existing space. Shortly after moving their infrastructure into DataBank’s data center, the customer contacted us looking for a DRaaS solution. DataBank is now working on closing an $8k DRaaS solution with the customer, which, thanks to our evergreen contracts, the original referring partner will receive commissions on as well.


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