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DRaaS Conversation Starters: How to Uncover More DRaaS Opportunities

DRaaS Conversation Starters: How to Uncover More DRaaS Opportunities

Organizations today are more reliant on their network and data than ever before. But nearly half of the organizations in the US have no disaster recovery plan, and many of those that do are not completely confident in their plan. If an organization experiences a data breach, infrastructure failure, or other catastrophic event that takes their infrastructure offline, they need a comprehensive plan to recover their data and get back up and running as close to “now” as possible.

DataBank’s fully managed DRaaS solutions give organizations 100% confidence in their ability to recover from a disaster quickly and efficiently. Unlike unmanaged DRaaS solutions, which may not work when they need to, DataBank’s solutions are validated and regularly tested, and include building a runbook to lay out all the necessary steps to recover in the event of a disaster.

DataBank’s DRaaS solutions are ideal for:

  • Organizations with unmanaged DRaaS
  • Organizations relying on traditional back ups for their disaster recovery solution
  • Organizations with no business continuity plan or disaster recovery runbook

To uncover DRaaS opportunities among your existing customer and prospect base, use the following conversation starters:

What does your disaster recovery solution look like?

This is the first question you should ask to start the conversation. Some companies have an existing DRaaS solution, some use backups for their disaster recovery, and some have no disaster recovery solution at all. Depending on what their solution looks like, ask them the following:

  • For companies using backups: Did you know that using backups can lead to days or weeks of downtime, while a DRaaS solution can get you up and running much faster?
  • For companies that built their own custom DR solution: Wouldn’t it be easier and more cost-effective to have a fully managed DRaaS provider take implementation, configuration, testing, and validation off your hands?
  • For companies with no DR solution: Why do you not have a DR solution? Did you know that businesses of all sizes are targets for cybercrime, and a natural disaster, infrastructure failure, or even human error could put you out of business?

Are you completely confident in your disaster recovery solution?

You will encounter companies that have incomplete or untested DRaaS solutions. Some of these companies are aware of this and will tell you that they are not confident in their solution, but others are unaware. Ask these companies:

  • When was the last time you tested your DRaaS solution?
  • Did you know that many DRaaS solutions do not work “out of the box,” and low-cost DRaaS providers often skips steps that are required for a successful implementation?
  • Did you know that even if your data is replicated to the disaster recovery site, that does not guarantee your DRaaS solution will work properly when you need it?

What does your disaster recovery plan look like?

A DRaaS solution is an essential component of a disaster recovery plan, but DRaaS is not a replacement for a comprehensive plan. To truly prepare for a disaster, organizations need to build a plan, designate roles, and write a disaster recovery runbook that details the steps, processes, technology, and people involved in recovering from a disaster.

  • Do you have a disaster recovery runbook with roles assigned, steps documented, and processes in place to recover from a disaster?
  • If yes, have you tested your runbook to ensure that it works? Do you run regular exercises to re-validate and update the book as needed?
  • If you do not have a runbook, how are you planning to recover from a disaster? Are you confident that you will be able to quickly get up and running again?

DRaaS Toolkit

To learn more DRaaS conversation starters, reach out to your Channel Director for the full DRaaS toolkit today! The toolkit also includes a battlecard, and email templates to help you uncover more DRaaS opporunities.

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