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Blog May 1, 2021

Benefits of the Digital Colony Portfolio and Partnership

DataBank and its customers can be confident from the broad digital perspective, innovative thinking, robust capital, and sustainable approach that comes from being part of the Digital Colony ecosystem

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People April 28, 2021

President’s Club 2020

President’s Club 2020 did not disappoint this year. The 2020 Winners enjoyed a four-day, three-night trip to Atelier Playa Mujeres, Mexico.

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Colocation April 27, 2021

Rethink Your Infrastructure to Capitalize on Web 3.0

In our first article in a three-part series, we examine how the web has evolved over three decades, how IT infrastructure has changed with it, and implications for your IT infrastructure as we enter the Web 3.0 era.

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Compliance April 12, 2021

Get Prepared: If You Are a PCI (Credit Card) Customer, The Requirements are Getting Tougher

This quick guide will help you better navigate the PCI DSS waters and help keep your organization afloat.

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People March 31, 2021

Dallas Business Journal: Women in Technology Awards

These women are the cutting edge of technology in North Texas

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Colocation February 18, 2021

Storm Readiness: DataBank Maintains Critical Operations in the Texas Market

Despite uncommon winter weather in Texas, DataBank’s customers have seen no interruption in service, and the preparedness plan is solid.

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Colocation February 2, 2021

Tax Incentives Add to Attractiveness of DataBank’s Salt Lake Data Centers

DataBank customers can now add another item to that list of attractive attributes: extremely attractive tax incentives.

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Data Center January 18, 2021

Recent Public Cloud Outage Demonstrates the Need to Get Back to IT Basics

How to avoid single points of failure and build fault tolerance into your IT environment.

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People January 8, 2021

How DataBank is Building Real Culture in a Virtual Workplace

Learn how DataBank found the answer, within three initiatives, in building a real work culture while in a virtual workplace.

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People December 21, 2020

Data Movers Podcast – DataBank’s Raul Martynek: Thriving During Uncertain Times and the Importance of Company Culture

In this episode of Data Movers, JSA’s, Jamie Scotto Cutaia, and B2B Social Media Influencer, Evan Kirstel, sit down with our CEO, Raul Martynek, and discuss thriving during uncertain times and the importance of company culture.

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