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News March 18, 2020

DataBank’s Status in Salt Lake City Earthquake

DataBank personnel and facilities are intact and operational at this time, with no degradation of services. We have built our structures within code and designed to withstand such events, which are a part of our continual risk assessment process and business continuity plans.

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News March 12, 2020

Important: DataBank COVID-19: DFW1 and DFW2 Access Requirements

As a DataBank Dallas 1 (DFW1 – 400 S Akard St) or Dallas 2 (DFW2 – Richardson) we need to make you aware of some changes that are occurring at these two facilities in response to COVID-19. Other DataBank facilities are operating without changes.

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News March 6, 2020

Important: Databank’s Response to COVID-19

This past week has seen a significant rise in confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, across our country. At DataBank, we take these situations very seriously and wanted to take a moment to address our stance and actions being taken to protect your people, our people, facilities, and critical mission workloads.

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Blog March 1, 2020

CISO Corner – Ep1: Ransomware, California Consumer Privacy Act, and Nation-State Sponsored Attacks

In our debut episode, listen to Mark Houpt and his team as they discuss three hot topics, recent events, and trends related to security and compliance.

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Blog February 25, 2020

DataBank’s Portal Evolves the Data Center Experience

Whether we’re hosting a colocation environment with managed internet, or a cloud environment with managed services, the DataBank Portal provides granular visibility and control unmatched by the typical customer reporting platform.

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Blog February 20, 2020

DataBank Joins the Data Protection Conversation

DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer, Mark Houpt, Senior Account Executive, Tonya Phillips, and Vice President of Sales, John Solensky, joined a panel discussion in Washington, DC recently. It marked an important step in helping inform policy decisions on protecting critical data, as well as making sure that public infrastructure is in place.

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Blog February 19, 2020

Should You Stay or Should You Go? 10 Reasons to Stop Running an On-Premises Data Center

Eventually, every business must decide whether to stick with their on-premises data center. Learn the pros and cons of turning to a colocation partner.

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Blog February 11, 2020

5 Tips for Racking and Stacking

Our five tips offer a range of technical benefits, including better cabinet airflow and preparing the rack for future equipment additions or changes.

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Blog January 30, 2020

Hosting Advice: Cast Aside Infrastructure Management and Focus on Your Core Competencies with DataBank’s Proactive Enterprise Services

DataBank is working to reach additional markets while enhancing the managed cloud, internet, and compliance solutions that alleviate infrastructure burdens for customers across the nation.

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Blog January 29, 2020

A crash course on configuration scanning: The DataBank vulnerability management tool of choice

Vulnerability scanning is critical to a healthy security program. Learn how DataBank uses configuration scanning to protect customers from new vulnerabilities.

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