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Company News

04/03/18 - DataBank Announces New Data Center Build in Kansas City Market
03/21/18 - DataBank Opens Third Dallas Data Center in Plano Texas
02/26/18 - DataBank Recognized on CRN's 2018 Data Center 100 List
01/30/18 - DataBank CEO Raul K. Martynek in Panel Discussion at DICE Southeast Data Center Investment Conference & Expo
01/30/18 - DataBank to Exhibit at HIMSS18
01/15/18 - Follow up on Meltdown
01/11/18 - Mark Houpt appointed as Chief Information Security Officer
01/09/18 - Update on Meltdown and Spectre
01/05/18 - Public Communication about Meltdown and Spectre
11/29/17 - DataBank Announces New Hire to Executive Management Team
11/21/17 - DataBank Announces Successful Completion of Secured Debt Refinancing
10/19/17 - DataBank Partners with DE-CIX to Deliver Peering Access in Dallas
09/21/17 - DataBank Announces the Acquisition of Edge Hosting
09/06/17 - Vertical Bridge and DataBank Team Up to Develop Micro Data Centers
08/30/17 - DataBank Announces Integration of Salt Lake City Data Centers & Substation Expansion
08/17/17 - DataBank Announces Expansion of Minneapolis-Area Data Center
07/18/17 - DataBank Announces Development of Atlanta Data Center in Partnership with Georgia Tech
07/11/17 - DataBank Announces Executive Vice President of Corporate Development
06/13/17 - DataBank Announces Construction of Third Data Center in Dallas
05/18/17 - DataBank Announces New CEO & Executive Appointments
01/31/17 - DataBank Announces Acquisitions to Enter the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Markets
01/17/17 - DataBank Announces the Acquisition of C7 Data Centers
01/11/17 - DataBank Finalizes PCI & HIPAA Examinations in All Markets
12/20/16 - DataBank Finalizes SSAE-16 Examinations in All Markets
07/14/16 - Digital Bridge Launches Data Center Platform With the Acquisition of DataBank
05/10/16 - DataBank hosts Tech Experience Tour for MSP High School AP IT students (external link location)
04/27/16 - Comcast Delivers Connectivity to DataBank's Twin Cities Data Center & Carrier-Hotel
02/18/16 - DataBank Expands Data Center Space & Cloud Services in Minneapolis
02/10/16 - DataBank is Expanding The North Dallas Data Center
12/15/15 - DataBank Partners with Actifio to Expand Data Backup & DevOps Service Offerings
10/14/15 - DataBank Completes Annual SSAE-16 Audits in All Markets
09/15/15 - DataBank’s Twin Cities Facility Fortifying Data Security Controls
07/23/15 - Uptime Certification - DataBank's Dan Allen Weighs In (external link location)
06/01/15 - DataBank Positioned for Enterprises in MSP - 451 Impact Report (PDF)
05/28/15 - DataBank Receives Uptime Institute Build Certification for MN Data Center
05/20/15 - DataBank Announces East Twin Cities Data Center Grand Opening
05/12/15 - DataBank Officially Qualifies for Minnesota Data Center Tax Incentives
03/11/15 - DataBank Receives Uptime Institute Design Certification for Minnesota Data Center
02/17/15 - DataBank Eagan Venture Recognized as Business Recruitment Project of the Year

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