DDoS Mitigation

Stand Ready to Defend and Deflect

DDoS Mitigation

DataBank teams up with industry-leading partners to make it easier and more cost effective to protect your business from an increasing variety of bad actors. Your business depends on constant connectivity. Shielding your operation from prolonged downtime will not only save time and money, but keep your users and customers from losing access to your services. DataBank’s DDoS Protection Services can provide real-time security against application and network-layer attacks, decreasing the risk of new and emerging threats.

Provisioned as a service at the network edge, our advanced DDoS protection:

  • Matches the sophistication and scale of evolving threats
  • Can be used to mitigate DDoS attacks of all forms and sizes, including those that target the UDP and ICMP protocols, as well as SYN/ACK, DNS amplification, and Layer 7 attacks
  • Includes programmable filters to ensure good traffic gets through, while evolving attacks are blocked

DataBank will implement, monitor, and manage your protection 24/7 as part of our managed DDoS
Protection Services. This gives you the scalability you need to stay focused on innovation and your core
business. DataBank automatically optimizes the delivery of your web pages and applications so your customers get the fastest load times and the best possible performance. The result: reduced risk, cost savings, and a significant improvement in performance.


The DataBank Portal

Clarity and Control

Imagine having everyone, and everything, connected in one simple-to-use management portal. The DataBank Customer Portal gives you and your team real time analytics into performance, security, compliance, tickets, devices, and more. Communication and clarity truly enhance your Colocation solution. Your mission critical infrastructure functions 24/7/365, and our support team is right there with you – never missing a beat.

Carrier Neutral Facilities

Connecting You and Your Customers to What Matters Most

DataBank offers a full range of connectivity methods across the nation to achieve our customers goals. This includes a national IP transport service which provides inter-region and intra-metro connectivity. Our carrier neutral facilities offer robust interconnectivity and high-bandwidth access to top-tier carriers. This results in a resilient communication environment across multiple DataBank sites.


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