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The Open-IX Association is a non-profit, neutral body of Internet community volunteers that creates standards for connectivity, resiliency, security and cost in North America. Their goal is to encourage the creation and development of Internet exchanges with governed standards of performance and promoting common and uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity. Additionally, Open-IX seeks to improve IX performance by developing criteria and methods of measurement to reduce the complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets. The Open-IX certification improves reliability in a cost-efficient way while creating an organized and deliberate method to foster change efficiently, rapidly and in partnership with the data center and IX community.

DataBank's North Dallas Data Center (DFW-2) is an Open-IX certified site. DataBank engaged with OIX to undergo the data center certification process for the company's North Dallas (Richardson, TX) location to support and encourages cost-effective interconnection and open peering in the facility. The Open-IX data center certification defines the standards for data centers to offer an "open" and cost-effective Internet Exchange and Interconnection platform.

DataBank currently has received Open-IX 2 certification from the Open-IX Association for the following data center location(s):

  • DataBank North Dallas (DFW-2) - 904 Quality Way, Richardson, TX 75081
  • Service & Pricing
    DataBank offers Intra-datacenter fiber Cross Connects in DFW-2 at the following price:

  • A single Cross Connect is included per customer to connect to an Open-IX certified Internet Exchange
  • Additional Cross Connects can be obtained at: Monthly fee: $250/mo (Installation fee: $250)
  • Open IX Compliance Information
    Open-IX data center certification compliance requirement states that the following information to be publicly available:

    DataBank's Open IX Customer Advisory Board:

  • Matthew Koerner, Critical Site Solutions
  • Barry Abrahamson, Automatic
  • Andrew Rouchotas, Cartika
  • DataBank Company Rep:
  • Dan Allen, DataBank
  • Membership can change and additional representatives can be added to the customer advisory board.

    Government Information Request Disclosure
    A list of government information requests and the action taken on them will be posted to this website if legally disclosable.

    For more information about the Open Internet Exchange (OIX) Data Center Certification, please contact a DataBank representative.

    DataBank's Open IX Certification

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