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IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

DataBank's IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is designed for the customer who wants to eliminate buying and maintaining the underlying IT hardware, but still wants to manage their individual VMs and OS. With the DataBank IaaS Cloud, we will provide all the compute, network and storage resources necessary for you to utilize as you desire. In addition we offer simple administration through our web-based portal, which allows role-based access and security. DataBank's IaaS Cloud platform is built upon industry leading technology from Cisco, Dell, NetApp and VMware.

Key Features
DataBank's IaaS solution includes:

  • High-Availability Architecture DataBank provides a fault-tolerant system in which to build and customize your VMs
  • Evergreen Platform - Ensures up-to-date technology for hardware, systems and software
  • Scalability - Additional resources can scale rapidly as you need them
  • Flexible Resource Allocation - Allotments starting at 1Ghz of CPU and 1GB of RAM
  • Individual Resource Allocation CPU, RAM, & storage are not linked, allowing complete customization of the environment
  • Multiple Storage Tiers The availability to fit all your performance needs
  • Simple Service Integration - Seamlessly integrates with DataBank Networking & Data Protection services
  • Multiple connectivity options - Cross-connect to colocation environments at all DataBank locations, utilize DataBank's multi-carrier Internet blend, or connect to any carrier in our robust meet-me-rooms
  • Top-Tier Environment - Deployed within our enterprise-level audited data centers (SSAE-16, PCI-DSS, HIPAA)
  • Cloud Consulting
    When your company is deciding upon an outsourced partner to deliver colocation there are a number of key factors that need to go in to making a sound decision. DataBank uses a thorough consultative approach toward addressing your business's true needs and then custom designs a solution that addresses everything from your deployment designs, economic requirements, to long-term flexibility that ensures accommodations are made for growth. We do this by working closely with appropriate staff at all levels of your organization to ensure you get a custom-tailored solution to fit your specific business objectives. We utilize a consultative approach to design your customized hosting solutions making DataBank an extension of your IT staff. Speak with our sales engineers to create a custom hosting solution to meet your business needs.
    >> More on our Consultive Approach

    Cloud Compliance
    DataBank performs annual audits for our data centers to comply with PCI-DSS & SSAE 16 controls. Our PCI-DSS ROC (Report On Compliance) gives DataBank clients a peace of mind knowing their IT equipment is housed within a top-of-the-line facility that meets one of the most stringent audit requirements in the industry. In addition we are committed to assisting our clients achieve their own compliance in a number of other audits, as well. Leveraging PCI's high standards within our ROC we can aid clients in their own compliance requirements for HIPAA, FISMA, as well as a number of other compliance regulations.
    >> More on Compliance

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