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CISO Corner: Episode 9

CISO Corner: Episode 9

Episode 9 Topic: The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Your Data Security

Featuring: Mark Houpt, DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer

Listen to Mark as he helps us understand the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as well as some key questions we all have:  

  • How is AI used with ill intent by nefarious actors?
  • How AI is used with good intent by data security professionals?
  • How does AI differ from traditional ways of compromising data security?
  • Are you seeing more AI-based attacks? 
  • Does the enterprise need any special expertise or resources to use AI?  

Run Time: 12 minutes

DataBank’s CISO Corner is for CISOs and security practitioners, where we discuss a variety of cybersecurity topics and current events from the CISO’s perspective. Our broadcast is designed for those who want to hear from security and compliance experts on the front lines.

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