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DataBank CEO, Raul K. Martynek, Joins JSA CEO Roundtable to Discuss IoT and the Data Center

DataBank’s CEO, Raul K. Martynek served as a panelist on this CEO Roundtable. Companies and consumers continue to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution and the incredible impact it has had on businesses and lifestyles across the globe. With an estimated 50 Billion+ connected devices by 2020 (according to Cisco), how will all this data be accommodated once connected to the Internet? Some of the answers lie within data centers. The modern-day data center must be aptly equipped to increase its capacity by increasing data pipes and the density of servers to best utilize existing resources. Data centers will also be required to be more efficient and self-directed to maintain the highest standards of uptime and reliability. CIOs will need to carefully examine their data center strategy, ensuring it provides the flexibility, scalability, security, availability and connectivity that IoT demands. This Virtual CEO Roundtable will review how data centers are leading the charge on IoT, and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for the industry.