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Arsalon Technologies

A DataBank Strategic Acquisition
Arsalon Technologies was acquired by DataBank in April of 2014. Read the press release here.

Arsalon Technologies

Completed in April 2014, the acquisition of Arsalon Technologies provided DataBank with a super-regional footprint spanning three major central US markets. Arsalon added two additional data center facilities, a large team of technical staff and a broad set of robust cloud and managed services to DataBank’s business portfolio. Geographically located in the center of the US with significant long-haul fiber connections, Kansas City is literally in the center of the growing national market for Data Center services and solutions. DataBank continues to make investments in the region, most recently announcing the construction of its third data center in the Kansas City market. With a number of diverse sources for local energy generation, (coal, nuclear, and wind), the area boasts reliable and low cost energy and an overall low cost of doing business.


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