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Customer Portal

Customer Portal

A single pane of glass to manage all aspects of your infrastructure, including colocation space and power, network security, compliance, and user access.

Visibility Across Your Infrastructure.  Control at Your Fingertips.

Unlike other providers who use off-the-shelf systems with limited capabilities, we custom-built the DataBank Customer Portal specifically for the needs of customers with complex hybrid infrastructures.

Whether you rely on DataBank for colocation, cloud, or managed services, our Portal gives you a single pane of glass to visualize and manage every component of your environment.

See What We See, Control What You Want. With the DataBank Portal you have visibility into the same systems and metrics we do: power consumption by cabinet and device, bandwidth flow by protocol and port, events and attacks by type and source, etc. You can control elements of your infrastructure such as setting user roles, powering devices on/off, downloading compliance reports, requesting remote hands support and opening and monitoring tickets.

  • Colocation Space and Power

    Visualize power by rack/cabinet or device. Catalog each devices and set power consumption alarms.

  • Managed Services

    View the details and performance of your servers and devices across yout infrastructure and manage DNS settings and SSL certificates.

  • Security and Compliance

    Download turn-key compliance reports to prepare for audits and monitori alarms and threats

  • Data Center Physical Access

    Set roles for users in your organization and activate/deactivate datacenter card access for users quickly and easily.

  • Network Performance

    Visualize bandwidth consumption and network performance by port or protocol and identify threats by type and source.

  • Account Management and Billing

    Open and monitor trouble tickets, request support or remote hands, and view and compare invoices.

The DataBank Customer Portal

Solution Specifications and Features

Solution Specifications and Features

Download the datasheet for this solution to see which of its features will help you build the most agile hybrid infrastructure imaginable.
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Compliance Enablement

Leverage DataBank’s Comprehensive Compliance Framework and Expertise.

  • Simplify your compliance with the most demanding standards: FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI and more.
  • Download audit-ready compliance documentation right from our Customer Portal.
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