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Houston Data Centers

Houston Data Centers (HOU)

  • 4 Total Data Centers
  • 292,620 Raised Square Footage
  • 42.5MW Critical IT Load
  • 7,042,340 Population


Houston is the fourth largest metro area in the U.S. and the most populous city in Texas. Known as “Space City” due to its long association with NASA and the U.S. space program – Houston is also a hub of technology, finance, energy and healthcare organizations as well.

The four Houston facilities collectively add hundreds of thousands of raised-floor data center capacity. DataBank’s four data centers are conveniently located across the metro. Three of them (HOU1, HOU2, HOU3) are located in the Westway Park area on a campus setting capable of accommodating a future facility (HOU4) and providing the largest digital energy campus for the oil and gas industry in Houston and a geophysical center of excellence for seismic exploration computing. DataBank’s fourth facility (HOU5) is located in the Galleria area near major business hubs.

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(HOU5) Houston Galleria Data Center

4201 Southwest Freeway - Houston, TX 77027
61,050 Raised Square Feet
5.25MW Critical IT Load
15 Onsite Carriers
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Westway Park Campus

40+ acre campus with room for an additional data center strategically located between other major data center locations north and west of the city.

  • One of the city’s primary interconnection point with access to dozens of fiber networks, thousands of cross-connects, and many public cloud on-ramps.
  • Powered by an off-site Center Point Energy substation providing multiple 25MW feeds.
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(HOU1) Westway Park I Data Center

5150 Westway Park Blvd - Houston, TX 77041
110,190 Raised Square Feet
23.7MW Critical IT Load
15 Onsite Carriers
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(HOU2) Westway Park II Data Center

5170 Westway Park Blvd - Houston, TX 77041
79,520 Raised Square Feet
9MW Critical IT Load
20 Onsite Carriers
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(HOU3) Westway Park III Data Center

11003 Corporate Centre Dr. - Houston, TX 77041
41,860 Raised Square Feet
4.5MW Critical IT Load
15 Onsite Carriers
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