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Our Culture

Our Culture

We put people first, seek to inspire confidence with every interaction, and are data-centered in our approach to overcoming challenges.

Human-Focused, Data-Centered, Confidence-Inspiring

We are Heroes, Everypersons, and Sages – creating the ultimate data center experience for our customers – and the ultimate workplace for ourselves.

The data center and technology may be perfect, but DataBank knows choosing a partner for your mission-critical IT infrastructure ultimately comes down to the people who make it all happen. Will they care about your infrastructure as much as you do? Will they be there when you need them most? Is their sole purpose to empower your success?

At DataBank, these are the promises each of us aims to keep every day, for every customer. To fulfill that promise, we’ve intentionally nurtured a culture that can deliver the ultimate data center experience for our customers – and the ultimate workplace for ourselves.

Understanding Our Culture

Culture can be hard to quantify, but measuring it is essential if an organization wants to develop it with intention. To better understand our culture, DataBank continuously engages with employees in individual conversations, team workshops, and a ground-breaking survey framework called CultureTalkTM that reveals the “archetypes” or characters that are dominant in an organization. Over the years we’ve found three archetypes that consistently show up among DataBankers and their behaviors and traits are the DNA of our culture: 

Communicating Our Culture

With this deep understanding of who we are, DataBank is able to intentionally nurture our culture, recruit and develop our people, and communicate and celebrate the behaviors that truly sets us apart from competitors, This is the secret behind our Data Center EvolvedTM model. It’s captured in three simple principles:

Living Our Culture

But at DataBank, we do more than just put these Cultural Cornerstones on posters. We celebrate them every single day on the DataBank Vault – a cutting-edge online culture hub where employees recognize each other for these behaviors hundreds of times a month. We live them outside of the office, too, through programs like the DataBank CultureCorps, where we donate everything from our time to our blood in an effort to improve our communities.

Come Join Us

If you’re looking to win, serve others, and demonstrably change the world, then we’re looking for you.

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DataBank Corporate Overview

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