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Data Center Design

Data Center Design

A look at how DataBank approaches the design and deployment of data centers across its portfolio.

An efficient, scalable and sustainable model for data center development


Developing a footprint of data centers as large as DataBank’s requires a construction approach that’s efficient and scalable. Our engineering team has perfected a design model for new data centers that allows us to build, start-up and expand them quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring the capacity is there for our customers when they need it.

data center construction


We’ve optimized data center space with 20,000 sq. ft. data halls and a standardized electrical and mechanical packages that can be ready to go at any time in any market, reducing delivery time and keeping construction costs down.

Power & Cooling

DataBank aims to deploy power and UPS systems in 2MW increments in a “block redundant” topology. We’ve standardized on closed-loop air-cooled chiller plants that can scale to meet high-density HPC requirements while minimizing water use. This design is capable of achieving an annualized PUE of less than 1.3.

Security & Compliance

We typically secure each facility with 2FA biometric access, 24-hour manned security, mantraps and CCTV monitoring with badged access managed from our customer Portal. Facilities and operations are designed to meet the most stringent compliance standards (FISMA, SOC1-2, HIPAA, PCI, etc.).


Each DataBank data center is thoughtfully equipped with the amenities your staff need to make them feel at home: food and break rooms, office space and conference rooms, crash carts, hand tools, cabling supplies, and more.


DataBank’s energy procurement and efficiency program maximizes the use of carbon-free and low-carbon energy sources with a goal of being 100% carbon neutral by 2030. We’ve also been a leader in deploying innovative heat recycling, greener backup systems and environmentally friendly refrigerants.

DataBank Corporate Overview

DataBank Corporate Overview

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