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Edge Strategy

Edge Strategy

Hyperscale, interconnect and low-latency edge platforms designed to move your data, applications, and workloads closer to your end users.

Give Your IT Infrastructure an Edge

The edge isn’t just about futuristic applications. It’s here today in the form of hyperscale cloud providers building new availability zones in major cities, network providers putting equipment in highly geo-specific locations, and webscale content and application providers needing dense interconnections to reach their audiences. DataBank’s geographic reach, facilities and interconnection ecosystem enable three distinct edge strategies that can help any company meet the infrastructure demands of today and tomorrow, regardless of application or location.

  • Metro/Hyperscale Edge65+ data centers in 27+ tier 1 and 2 metros, capable of putting any workload within 100 miles of more than 60% of the U.S. population, and allowing any webscale cloud, content, and compute provider to build their next wave of availability zones near dense populations.
  • Interconnect Edge – 20 major interconnect locations in 13 markets that support over 30,000 cross connects—giving network providers, SaaS developers, content providers and enterprises the open and neutral interconnections and reach their applications demand.
  • Mobile/Low-Latency Edge –  Modular/micro data centers capable of supporting next-generation mobile network deployments or extremely latency-sensitive or geography-specific applications that must be as close to end-users as possible.​

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Our Geographic Edge Footprint

More Data Centers in More U.S. Metros

By strategically targeting dozens of the largest metros, DataBank has built the data center ecosystem of today’s edge allowing you to put your workloads and data within 50 miles of half the U.S. population.

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DataBank Corporate Overview

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