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Cloud Solutions Overview

Cloud solutions from DataBank are available in multiple platforms to provide your business with all the virtual compute, storage and network resources you need, and utilizing the cloud can give your business an additional layer of redundancy. Our top-tier platform allows us to deliver best-in-class cloud computing options for your organization and DataBank's cloud services can then be leveraged to achieve the highest levels of reliability, performance, security and flexibility for all of your mission critical applications and data.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is designed for customers who wish to manage their Cloud environment themselves, but do not want to own or manage the underlying hardware and data center. DataBank's solution provides all the compute, network and storage resources into a pool for the client to utilize as they desire. The administration is provided through our web-based portal, which allows role-based access and security. DataBank's IaaS Cloud platform is built with industry leading technology from Cisco, NetApp and VMware.
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Based on industry leading platforms from Cisco, NetApp and VMware, DataBank's Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides clients with a turn-key, fully-managed virtual servers which include all the management of the VM, operating system, and network (including firewall) as well as 24x7 monitoring and monthly patching. Clients benefit from the flexibility to manage all their applications, databases, and sites without the hassle of maintaining and managing the underlying servers. DataBank provides our PaaS service for both Windows and Linux environments.
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Databank has the ability to combine backup, replication, and our existing cloud environment to replace traditional backup and tape solutions with a scalable, usable, and predictable system. Offsite storage, warm backups, cold backups, lengthy retention periods, and geographic diversity are all possible with Databank's disaster recovery services.
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Private cloud
Our Private Cloud solution is designed for businesses which desire the flexibility of a Cloud solution but also want the assurance of ultimate and complete control for access and security. This solution still allows much of the flexibility and benefits you gain from the Cloud, but the entire underlying platform and all hardware is completely isolated. Whether business controls or compliance is the driving factor, DataBank's Private Cloud solution offers our clients a truly dedicated solution to build upon.

Hybrid Cloud
Databank's Hybrid Cloud solution offers you ultimate flexibility to encapsulate and leverage the existing equipment or resources you already have in use. You can take on any of the functions of our IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS or Data Virtualization technologies and then marry them seamlessly into any existing compute, network, or storage environments you have in place.

Data Virtualization
Databank's data virtualization service empowers its users by making their data usable in ways not seen before. Once the data is ingested to the databank system, it becomes simple to make copies of systems or multiple server systems to deploy development, training, and testing environments with copies of production data. Because the data is standardized, it allows for the rapid, predictable deployment on databank's private cloud solution.

Cloud Compliance
DataBank performs annual audits for our data centers to comply with PCI-DSS & SSAE 16 controls. Our PCI-DSS ROC (Report On Compliance) gives DataBank clients a peace of mind knowing their IT equipment is housed within a top-of-the-line facility that meets one of the most stringent audit requirements in the industry. In addition we are committed to assisting our clients achieve their own compliance in a number of other audits, as well. Leveraging PCI's high standards within our ROC we can aid clients in their own compliance requirements for HIPAA, FISMA, as well as a number of other compliance regulations.
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