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February 2, 2021

Tax Incentives Add to Attractiveness of DataBank’s Salt Lake Data Centers

Salt Lake City is one of DataBank’s biggest and most successful markets home to five of our 65 data centers globally and our largest campus overall. And there’s a reason why we’ve invested so heavily there: Utah is one of the fastest-growing and most attractive data center markets in the country.

Historically, this has been a function of the state’s business-friendly climate, highly educated workforce, low-cost and renewable energy sources, plentiful fiber, and ideal location as a safe disaster recovery location for west coast IT infrastructure. DataBank customers can now add another item to that list of attractive attributes: extremely attractive tax incentives.

In 2020, Utah made changes to its tax code to provide qualified data center owners, operators, and clients an exemption from sales tax on purchases of data center equipment with an economic life of at least one year as long as it is used in their operations at the data center.

The facility needs to be new or constructed after July 2016 which means that it applies to DataBank’s SLC3, SLC4, and SLC5 facilities in our Bluffdale campus. The tax savings for customers in those facilities would be 7.25%

If you are considering colocation in a Utah data center with DataBank or any provider, check with your tax advisor for full details. And reach out for a tour of SLC5, DataBank’s newest facility today.