DataBank Portal

Get clarity and control with everything and everyone connected
The DataBank Customer Portal gives you and your team real time analytics into performance, security, compliance, tickets, devices, and more

The DataBank Portal

The DataBank Portal enables holistic management of your solutions and assets as well as timely interaction with our team. You see what we see. Intuitive dashboards demonstrate how we secure your environment from evolving threats and keep your systems balanced and performing at their best. From self-service functionality to support requests to our team, the ability to personalize login permissions gives you greater control by keeping your team aligned with ours, well informed, and ultimately, better able to stay focused on high value tasks.

Key features include:

Executive Dashboards – At a glance, get key performance, security, and support ticket status on a single screen. Drill into color-coded areas for more details within specific modules including: Tickets, Active Alarms, Attacks Blocked, and Data Protected.

Systems & Services – With many options to filter information according to your needs, this area provides robust functionality to manage SSL, DNS, Servers, Firewall, Load Balancers, and CDN.

Support Tickets – From an overview of ticket status to directly communicating with our support team, our goal is to help you focus on your work with minimal interruptions.

Security Dashboard – Drive better operational governance and replace spending valuable time and resources pouring over logs leveraging our sophisticated security reporting features. Query and download a report on any number of features including the ability to understand the volume and type of attacks from a specific global location, the destination server, and port.

Compliance Dashboards & Audit Support – Stay on top of the status of your compliance across your assets. Reports are at the ready for expected and unexpected audits. Convenient options include the ability to upload your own network diagrams as part of your reporting. From Vulnerability Scans, Continuous Monitoring, to detailed compliance reports for regulatory regimes including FedRAMP, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Granular User Management – Give specific access and usage rights depending on your team’s role within your organization. Convenient and easy-to-use features include the ability to link specific device tags to users, customize notifications, and changing permissions.

Full spectrum security and compliance expertise