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400 S. Akard is designed to meet the specific needs of the telecom and IT industry.  Our mechanical plant systems are scaled to serve the entire building under full occupancy by the most demanding tenants. Our entire electrical system is N+1 redundant, ensuring continuous operations even during a blackout.  Design features include multi-level physical security, including a secured freight delivery area.

Structure: Steel frame with concrete slabs and concrete fireproofing.

Facade: Granite, limestone and marble.

Roof: Concrete deck with waterproof membrane. 

Floor Loads: 100-125 pounds per square foot.

Ceiling Heights: 11.5 feet from floor slab to low beem.

Freight Elevator: 4,000 pound capacity freight elevator and secured, dock-high loading area.

Parking: 250 parking spaces in access-controlled parking lot.

Meet-Me-Room: Our Meet-Me-Room offers network-neutral interconnection and equipment collocation. Service providers and enterprise customers have direct access to multiple communications networks either by bringing their own fiber into the building through our diverse manholes, or by utilizing our on-net interconnection capabilities.