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A Carrier-Neutral, Network, Connectivity and Exchange Ecosystem

Connect Your Workloads to the World

With one of the largest data center footprints in the U.S., DataBank is ideally positioned to give network providers, SaaS developers, content providers and enterprises the neutral interconnections, network connectivity, and reach their applications demand.

Our 60+ data centers spread across 29 markets are all carrier-neutral, and 20 of them are recognized primary or secondary carrier hotels. Collectively, this platform supports 30,000+ interconnections and is capable of putting your workloads and data within 50 miles of half of the U.S. Population and within 10ms of 87% of all public cloud regions.


DataBank offered more carriers in a more secure environment... We’ve had an extremely positive experience with the DataBank team that is very understanding of our needs. We are particularly attracted to the “plug and play” mode DataBank uses which is more friendly as it relates to building product within the facility. DataBank’s network engineer provided helpful advice with networking issues. There is an incredible level of trust between our teams.”

Chief Executive Officer

Technological Solutions Company

Full spectrum security and compliance expertise