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Data Center Interconnection

Data Center Interconnection

Connect to our other data centers across town or across the country with DWDM or Ethernet connections.

Interconnect Data Centers Within or Between Metros

With data centers clustered in the widest footprint of metros, DataBank offers you a unique opportunity to geographically diversify your IT infrastructure and workloads for greater resilience and put them closer to users at the edge for higher performance.

In order to keep your infrastructure and workloads in those facilities connected, DataBank provides inter-metro and intra-metro networking options ranging from Metro DWDM and Ethernet to National Ethernet connections.

DataBank’s network is monitored around-the-clock and tuned to provide the high availability and throughput you need to support your most bandwidth-intensive applications, from primary and secondary interconnection to site-to-site data replication and disaster recovery.

National Interconnection

Interconnect your workloads and infrastructure in different metros using Ethernet over DataBank’s MPLS network.

Metro Interconnection

Connect your colocation environment to another data center in the metro with either DWDM connections or Ethernet networking.

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