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Security Services

DataBank's provides a suite of Security services which can be tailored as a solution to meet your business needs. We provide a combination of both in-house and best-in-class partnered solutions to ensure you'll receive the best protection for every aspect of your IT deployment.

  • Managed Firewall - Protects your internal network by using rules based stateful inspection of all data entering the network from the internet.
  • Managed VPN - Secure access to your internal network for your remote workers or remote sites. Requires Managed Firewall.
  • Managed Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDS/IPS) - Constantly scans for unauthorized attempts to access your network and mitigates based on industry best practices. Critical for customers with PCI, HIPAA or other compliance needs.
  • Managed PCI Security Bundle - Provides a variety of services to help a customer meet PCI (or other) compliance audit including: Configuration Security Monitoring, Software Vulnerability Assessment, File Integrity Monitoring, Workload Firewall Management, Server Access Management, Network Traffic Discovery & Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Log Management - Log management is an IT best practice and is required for many customers with PCI, HIPAA or other compliance needs. Allows aggregation of logs for review through a single portal and automated alerts.
  • Managed AntiVirus - Management of Antivirus solution for server infrastructure.
  • DDoS Mitigation - Provides protection against Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS).

  • Service Consulting
    When your company is deciding upon an outsourced partner to deliver a solution there is a number of key factors that need to go in to making a sound decision. DataBank uses a thorough consultative approach to address your business's true needs and then we custom design a solution that addresses everything from your deployment designs, economic requirements, to long-term flexibility that ensures accommodations are made for growth. We do this by working closely with appropriate staff at all levels of your organization to fit your specific business objectives.
    >> More on our Consultative Approach

    Service Compliance
    DataBank performs annual audits for our data centers to comply with PCI-DSS & SSAE 16 controls. Our PCI-DSS RoC (Report on Compliance) gives clients of DataBank the peace of mind in knowing their IT equipment is housed within a top-of-the-line facility that meets one of the most stringent audit requirements in the industry. In addition we are committed to assisting our clients achieve their own compliance in a number of other audits, as well. Leveraging PCI's high standards within our RoC we can aid clients in their own compliance requirements for HIPAA, FISMA, as well as a number of other compliance regulations.
    >> More on Compliance

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