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Log Management

Log Management

Filter and analyze a sea of log data to correlate alerts, events, and incidents from various sources and detect suspicious activity.

Maintain Logs, Improve Security, and Ensure Compliance

Log management is critical to identifying what changes over time in networks and devices may create security vulnerabilities. Within Hybrid infrastructures, the volume of changes and the size of logs has grown exponentially, demanding more time and resources from your organization. However, without diligent logging and audits, a vulnerability or attack may go unnoticed, compromising security and jeopardizing compliance. Databank’s Log Management service simplifies the task, improving security across your hosted infrastructure and ensuring your systems remain in compliance.

Databank's log management services

Highlighting What Matters in a Sea of Data

DataBank’s Log Management gives you the ability to correlate alerts, events, and incidents from various sources to detect suspicious activity.

  • Actionable Data: Pre-filters data and identifies anomalies and patterns known to be threats to reduce the workload associated with most security analytics solutions.
  • Compliance Evidence: Audit trails and custom reports that demonstrate you are meeting regulatory requirements for FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, and others.
  • Rapid Response: Leverages a correlation engine to automatically identify and respond to events of interest including creating tickets, sending a notification email, or running a command.
Solution Specifications and Features

Solution Specifications and Features

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