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Manged IDS/IPS

Manged IDS/IPS

Deep packet inspection and comprehensive perimeter threat protection against known and undisclosed (zero day) vulnerabilities, malware, ransomware, and phishing.

Detect and Remediate Threats Without Sacrificing Performance

A secure Hybrid IT infrastructure starts at the perimeter – your network edge. Intrusion Detection and Prevention services (IDS/IPS) are a crucial element that ensures a proactive security and quicker response. DataBank’s Managed IDS/IPS solution combines technologies — including deep packet inspection, threat reputation, URL reputation, and advanced malware analysis on a flow-by-flow basis — to protect against known and undisclosed vulnerabilities, malware, ransomware, and phishing.


Real-Time Detection and Mediation

DataBank’s solution identifies and blocks malicious traffic, prevents lateral movement of malware, ensures network availability and resiliency, and enhances network performance.

  • Compliance Enablement: Helps you meet compliance requirements including FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA/HITECH.
  • Pre-emptive Protection: Alerts allow your staff to be proactive and understand the severity of the attack, triage, troubleshoot, and block malicious attacks from going beyond the perimeter.
  • Real-Time Remediation: Defends your hosted infrastructure from the network edge to the data center to the cloud, with real-time, inline enforcement, and automated remediation of vulnerable data flows.
  • Simplified Operations: Relying on DataBank’s security team and best practices frees your team from the burden of evaluating solutions, procurement, updates, maintenance, training, licensing, and certification.
Solution Specifications and Features

Solution Specifications and Features

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