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Download the Roadmap: Overcome IT Obstacles in HPC Environments

A Strategy for Researchers, Scientists and Students

Overcome IT Obstacles in HPC
Universities and research organizations are facing the need to expand IT infrastructure as high-performance computing proliferates. While initial costs may be covered by grants or other means of budget, operation costs lie ahead. Not to mention, HPC environments aren’t known for being cheap; complexity, endless data growth and the challenges of estimating capacity remain difficulties.

In this HPC roadmap you’ll learn:

  • Technology Initiatives that Matter in Higher Education
  • Overwhelming IT Demands Generated by High-Performance Computing
  • An HPC Strategy for Researchers, Scientists and Students
  • Protect Your HPC Initiatives – Finding the Right Data Center Partner

DataBank is an Ideal Partner for HPC

As experts in supporting High-Performance Computing, we have dense deployments across our footprint, with a custom HPC data center under construction in Atlanta for our partner Georgia Tech as well as an HPC facility in downtown Pittsburgh.

DataBank provides capital to finance construction of HPC facilities, then we own and operate the site, enabling your organization focus on research and innovation.