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Our focus on social responsibility begins with our employees and expands to our customers and communities. We thrive on an engaged and inclusive culture both inside and outside of the company.


Our focus on social responsibility begins within our organization with our employees and expands to our customers and communities. We thrive on an engaged and inclusive culture both inside and outside of the company. Initiatives such as diversity, equity, and inclusion; employee engagement; health and safety; customer and other stakeholder engagement; and corporate citizenship provide a well-rounded culture.


DataBank employees contribute to a great work culture.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DataBank is committed to fostering, cultivating, and maintaining a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We focus on including, integrating, and serving individuals who represent different groups as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, socioeconomic and family status, political affiliation, and national origin. This commitment can be seen throughout our company, from our leadership, our DEI Committee, and our employees, to our community outreach, and vendor and partner relationships.

In 2022, we formed our DEI Committee, composed of senior leaders across the company, to grow our DEI efforts and inclusive culture through recruiting, training, and engagement initiatives. Understanding that recruiting in the data center industry can leave out under-represented groups, we are actively embracing more inclusive recruiting practices and removing implicit biases and discrimination from the hiring process through training. We partner with organizations engaged with under-represented groups, as well as veteran support organizations, to cast a broad net for our job postings and encourage all types of applicants to apply. In addition, we ensure our career site and application processes are accessible, using appropriate language in job postings, and extend remote and flexible working options beyond the pandemic. To better understand diversity trends within DataBank, we track and report on the diversity of our new hires, in the workforce, in leadership roles and in our Board of Directors.

Internally, we support DEI by providing employees with DEI-specific training and benefits such as maternity and paternity leave, training, and other initiatives to foster inclusivity with the company. We have formalized our Employee Resource Group (ERG) program and launched several new groups. ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups with shared characteristics that aim to foster a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace. ERGs at DataBank include Women, Volunteers, Veterans, LGBTQ+, and Multicultural groups.

To learn more about our DEI commitment, please see our DEI Policy.

Employee Engagement and Development

At DataBank, we recognize our people and culture are our greatest resource. We use an innovative archetypal framework from to understand and nurture a culture that can deliver the ultimate data center experience for our customers – and the ultimate workplace for ourselves. We recognize the following archetypes in our people: Heroes with a relentless drive to overcome the toughest challenges, Caregivers with a compulsion to serve and protect others, Sages who are obsessed with precision and transparency.

As heroes and caregivers, DataBankers regularly go above and beyond the call of duty for customers and fellow employees. So, we developed a groundbreaking virtual town square we call “The Vault” where our employees recognize each other hundreds of times every month for the values and behaviors behind our culture. Besides rewards and recognition, the DataBank Vault is also home to DEI Team and leadership blog posts that drive diversity and organizational awareness, community volunteerism opportunities, Keymaster – our company-wide trivia game show, and other major communications that help DataBank build and maintain cultural unity through distributed and virtual work settings.

We believe investing in our people and culture is an investment in our customers. Through strong employee benefits and continued learning, development, and engagement programs, we provide the foundation for a sustained commitment to our people, our community, and our customers. DataBank recently added paid parental leave and Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to our list of employee benefits. We launched DB University, our learning management system, not only to keep our employees compliant for certifications, but also to promote employee development and curiosity through voluntary learning pathways. Our tuition reimbursement program, DB Scholarships, encourages continued education and development outside work.

These are just a few of the programs we have at DataBank to create a culture of inspiring confidence, putting people first, and being data centered.

Employees engage in breast cancer awareness

Building culture in a virtual workplace blog 

Our Culture

Health and Safety

DataBank is committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, and communities. Our Safety Committee, comprised of employees across many levels and departments, meets regularly to address risks and opportunities within our facilities. Our teams work closely with customers to ensure their safety standards are met throughout installation projects. We plan by preparing and training employees on Emergency Action Plans, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery specific to their locations. Additionally, general health and safety training is required of employees, and health and safety metrics are reported quarterly to the Board of Directors. To read more about our health and safety programs, please see our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, we also have UK- and France-specific policies in place.

Customer Experience

At DataBank, we aim to provide unparalleled edge data centers, flexible add-on services and industry-leading support, attention, and security to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our relational approach to customer management fosters long-term customer partnerships. This is accomplished by frequent customer engagement, reviews, and our customer portal to ensure an exceptional experience. In order to allow our customers the ability to self-service, we custom-built the DataBank Customer Portal specifically for the needs of customers with complex hybrid infrastructures. Our customer’s voice is important to us. We survey quarterly on NPS to keep ourselves on track.

DataBank Customer Portal

The DataBank Customer Portal: Real Time Visibility and Control of Physical Access to Your Colocation Environment

Research Validates the DataBank Experience

The DataBank Customer Portal 

Corporate Citizenship

Giving back to our communities has always been in our values. We recently advanced this by formalizing our corporate citizenship program. Volunteers of DataBank is an ERG with a passion for volunteering. Employees from each of our major markets have stepped forward to help engage their fellow coworkers in volunteer and fundraising opportunities developed by our leadership team. We kicked things off with a nation-wide food drive and numerous volunteer activities throughout our Season of Giving Thanks. By utilizing our VTO policy, employees are encouraged to give back to our communities during work hours.

Additionally, we have focused initiatives on supporting the veteran community. DataBank partners with OVERWATCH, a veteran recruiting organization that specifically partners with data center companies, to successfully place veterans within our company. To further our commitment to supporting veterans, we make annual donations to OneMoreDay, a nonprofit organization that works toward preventing veteran suicide.

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