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DataBank specializes in providing clients with the very best outsourced data center environment available. Our top-tier designed and built facilities offer security and reliability for your critical IT deployments. DataBank can provide enterprises with a custom-tailored solution from single rack deployments to 10,000SF private suites to accommodate your unique requirements. DataBank optimizes required space, power and the redundancy while meeting your growth plan and budget. We maintain rigorous standards for design, testing, support, and maintenance to ensure customers have constant availability of all their critical applications and information assets. With a rich and diverse selection of top-tier carriers, DataBank ensures 100% uptime for business continuity.


DataBank offers clients 100% uptime with options to utilize our true 2N (A + B) power configurations in select data centers. DataBank maintains multiple, diverse and secure utility power feeds into every facility and via multiple power grids from multiple substations when available. All on-site UPS and generators are secured and provide complete redundancy for a customer’s critical IT equipment. DataBank provides a variety of high-density, flexible power configurations and distribution options ranging from 110V 20A to 208V 30A. Additionally, we offer multiple billing methods, including: per breakered amp, reserved kW ($/kW+e) and kW “all in”.


Whether a customer is deployed in a multi-tenant data hall or private suite with dedicated cooling requirements, DataBank’s engineering team ensures a customer environment is both balanced and efficiently meets their unique needs. DataBank ensures clients receive precise levels of cooling down to the rack and we deliver it in the most efficient manner possible. DataBank utilizes technologies including direct-venting and hot aisle containment to guarantee the Company’s multi-tenant environments run efficiently throughout. All cooling units are powered and fed redundantly. DataBank also maintains substantial on-site water storage to safeguard the equipment and maintain cooling for extended periods, even in a direct utility interruption.


Every data center as well as its critical infrastructure is protected with multiple layers of security. All entrances into secure areas include dual-factor authentication with biometrics. Video monitoring captures and stores all entries. DataBank employs on-site dedicated security staff to manage surveillance and monitor all secure areas, parking and the building perimeter. DataBank strictly adheres to a rigorous set of controls and processes consistently throughout the data center footprint. Every data center is managed, maintained and certified in SSAE-18 audits, performed annually at all sites.

Network Services

DataBank helps you maximize the potential of your IT footprint via our robust national network platform. Our network services are anchored around our carrier-neutral model, and diverse multi-carrier environments. Top-tier connectivity options and architecture ensures your deployment maintains maximum connectivity. Our network services provide affordable, flexible, and high capacity bandwidth with transport options built to deliver 99.999% uptime.

We selected DataBank versus other larger finalists for 3 main reasons: First, for their neat and organized dedicated suites. Second, DataBank gave us an attractive power ramp over 5 years and last, but not least, the people. They are an eager-to-please team focused on servicing our needs. Everything has gone very well, especially during migration. ...It's become an incredible relationship. We feel like it's our data center.

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One of the Big Four Auditor Companies

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