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Cabinets, Cages & Suites

Cabinets, Cages & Suites

Flexible colocation space, power, and cooling configurations ensure your IT environment can scale and adapt along with your business.

The Foundation of a Flexible Infrastructure

Colocation flexibility is a founding principle of our Data Center Evolved model. Rather than limiting you to a “one-size-fits-all” configuration, we provide a full range of cabinet, cage, or suite designs, then let you customize the power, security, and layout of your infrastructure.

Rather than steering you to predetermined solution, our highly skilled engineering team listens closely to your objectives and designs an approach that meets your specific needs for performance, security and budget.

We even provide hands-on assistance in the migration or transition of your applications and services back from a cloud environment.


High load (52U) capacity provides extra space at no additional cost. Smart rail designs simplify equipment adjustment. Multiple power and airflow management options provide upgrade paths as compute and thermal loads increase. Options for biometric, combination and key locks.


Wire mesh or wall partitions that provide private, secure space with customized floor plans, custom power, cooling, access controls, and monitoring: ideal for high-density power and compute applications.

Solution Specifications and Features

Solution Specifications and Features

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