DataBank Establishes $725M Financing Facility to Support Growth. Read the press release.



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Colocation as a Catalyst for Hybrid IT Strategies

Explore how colocation facilities are becoming essential in hybrid IT strategies, offering businesses enhanced efficiency, security, and scalability. Discover the benefits of integrating colocation with cloud and on-premises solutions for a more agile and reliable IT infrastructure.

DataBank Lands Financing To Expand As Artificial Intelligence Creates Data Center Demand

Digital Hub Provider Gets $725 Million Credit Facility To Fund Growth, Chief Financial Officer Says

Universal Data Hall Design
Press Release
DataBank Named “Data Center Solution of the Year” in 2024 Data Breakthrough Awards

DataBank was selected “Data Center Solution of the Year” in the Data Breakthough Awards for its Universal Data Hall Design, accommodating traditional and High-Performance Computing infrastructure requirements.

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Considerations When Moving to the Cloud

By incorporating these considerations into your cloud migration strategy, organizations can enhance the success and sustainability of their cloud initiatives while addressing key challenges and maximizing the benefits of cloud adoption.

Key Cloud Migration Considerations When Moving to the Cloud: Join the Conversation

Featuring: Rob Lerner, DataBank’s Principal Cloud Architect, and Scott Palsgrove, DataBank’s VP of Strategic Cloud Sales.
Join Rob and Scott as they discuss conversations with customers about migrating to the Cloud.

Navigating the AI Landscape: Vlad Friedman on the Strategic Approach for 2024

Vlad Friedman, DataBank’s CTO, delves into the transformative journey of generative AI in 2024, emphasizing a thoughtful, industry-specific integration to unlock its full potential.

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