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DataBank Increases Connectivity and Peering Options in Minnesota

DataBank Increases Connectivity and Peering Options in Minnesota

Customers now have access to Internet Exchanges in Minnesota, Seattle, Kansas City and Denver

DALLAS, TX – August 15, 2019DataBank, a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, connectivity and managed services, announces today the completion of its connectivity into the Minnesota VoIP Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE) extension switch through its Minnesota data centers, MSP1 and MSP2. This new extension switch connection enables peering and expanded connectivity options for DataBank customers and partners. In addition, by connecting into MICE, customers can access The Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), IX Denver, and Kansas City Internet Exchange (KCiX).

With 94 participants, MICE is a cooperative local exchange point and offers:

  • Bilateral peering – so that traffic can be exchanged directly between two members of the exchange
  • Multilateral peering – traffic exchanged directly between members that want to peer directly with any carrier
  • Direct content – access to Akamai, Amazon, CloudFlare, Facebook, Fastly, Google, Limelight, Netflix and others

“Through this exchange, DataBank customers can directly peer with hundreds of ISPs, which offers substantial improvements in speed, latency, jitter and overall performance,” states Vlad Friedman, CTO, for DataBank. “Now, data originating in Minnesota can stay in Minnesota and doesn’t have to be routed through other networks located in other cities, just to get across the street. This improves performance for many types of applications at the edge including VoIP, gaming, streaming and overall data traffic.”

As one of the original 10 members, Jeremy Lumby, President of Minnesota VoIP and a member of the technical committee for MICE says, “With the Minnesota VoIP Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange extension switch, DataBank customers have direct peering and local connections between networks, which keeps local traffic local. This also opens up access for DataBank customers to other key exchanges across the country.”

MICE was originally created to help address these types of issues and is open to any organization to connect. ISPs can connect to MICE to improve quality and also help reduce network costs for transit links. For added redundancy, the DataBank MSP1 and MSP2 data centers are connected via fiber that runs between them and the core MICE building.

Minneapolis is home to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including United Health Group, Target Corporation and Best Buy. The high standard of living in the area helps fuel entrepreneurial growth and opportunity. At the state level, Minnesota is working to bolster investments in tech start-ups. Located in an office park setting in the Technology Business District, DataBank’s West Twin Cities data center (MSP1) includes more than 16,000SF of space for customer equipment. The East Twin Cities data center (MSP2) is an 88,000SF facility located in Eagan, MN, to leverage the city’s dense concentration of high performance fiber.

For Internet Exchange peering inquiries, please contact Jeremy Lumby:

For more information, visit

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