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DataBank Welcomes Jeremy Pease as New SVP of Managed Services

DataBank Welcomes Jeremy Pease as New SVP of Managed Services

Jeremy Pease DataBank SVP

DataBank is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Pease as the company’s new Senior Vice President of Managed Services. Jeremy will focus on continuing to develop operational excellence for DataBank’s managed service business and report directly to CEO Raul Martynek.

Vlad Friedman, DataBank’s CTO, will also continue to report to Martynek and will focus on overall technology and product strategy, a critically important function as the company enters its next phase of growth and seeks to add new capabilities and standardize on platforms that enable it to rapidly scale.

“Vlad and his team were instrumental in building our managed services and integrating it with our colocation business,” said Raul Martynek, DataBank’s CEO. “That work has literally defined our Data Center Evolved model and we’ll be forever grateful for his leadership in that effort. With Jeremy’s arrival, Vlad can now focus on the future of our product and technology strategy and I’m excited to see where it takes us.”

“I’m honored to be joining DataBank and fortunate to be doing so at such an exciting time in the company’s growth,” says Jeremy. “We know the combination of colocation with deep managed services, managed security and compliance expertise, is driving DataBank’s differentiation and growth in the market. I’m excited to capitalize on this momentum and the foundation that Vlad’s team has laid down, by continuing to develop operational excellence on the back end while collaborating with Vlad continuing to advance our core technology platforms. That’s how we’ll ensure optimum availability and uptime for our customers. That’s their oxygen and we will remain relentlessly focused on it.”

Bringing a Unique Perspective to DataBank

Jeremy has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, leading both development and infrastructure teams and specializing directly in cloud hosting. His love for IT started at an extremely young age. “My dad was a Network Administrator, we always had computers around. I was DOS scripting and coding back in the day. Even as a kid when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d say I want to be a C-level executive at a tech company,” Jeremy recalls.

Jeremy brings an incredibly unique skill set to the DataBank team. His career has essentially ping-ponged between network operations and development operations. He spent many years of his career on the backend with coding and dev ops. He’s also spent a significant part of his career on the infrastructure side. It turns out, that’s a winning combination.

“Having that infrastructure and development background became important and valuable for me. I often find that the two groups aren’t speaking the same language. They would sit in a room and say, ‘they don’t understand us and we don’t understand them’. I was able to be that translator. I would put the problem on the board, try to understand and relate to both sides of the issue and offer a solution because I have a foot in each world,” relates Jeremy.

“I’ve been watching Jeremy’s career for quite a while. We have crossed paths often. His experience and background will be beneficial as we continue to enhance the operational excellence of our managed service business. We are looking forward to Jeremy’s contributions and success with DataBank,” comments Raul Martynek, CEO, DataBank.

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