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Data Center Space & Options

DataBank builds and operates highly secure, enterprise-class data center facilities with the infrastructure needed to enable 100% uptime for our client's critical IT equipment and applications. Our top-tier facilities provide business solutions for customized IT deployments, and industry compliance regulations which are coupled with unmatched support. Allowing outsourcing for IT management, maintenance and operations at any level your business requires.

DataBank specializes in providing clients with the very best outsourced data center environment available. Our top-tier designed and built facilities offer unmatched security and reliability for your critical IT deployments. At DataBank we know each and every business has its own varying requirements for IT infrastructure. Whether you need a single rack deployment with a growth ramp or 10,000 square feet in a private suite, either way we provide you a custom-tailored solution to accommodate your unique requirements. We optimize space, power and the redundancy you require, and do it all within your growth plan and budget. We maintain rigorous standards for design, testing, support and maintenance to ensure you have constant availability of all your critical applications and information assets.

  • Cabinets - Deploy a secure cabinet in our multi-tenant environment - High-density & custom power are available
  • Cages - For larger deployments, high-density, custom power, and additional layered security options are available
  • Custom Suites - Build out your custom-spec environment with tailored power, cooling and security.
  • Hosting
    A dedicated hosting solution gives your IT staff more time to focus on the core tools and applications vital to your business operations. DataBank offers clients a full range of dedicated hosting solutions. Designed to meet your needs, we offer a number of platforms including HP, IBM, and Dell as well as other high performance hardware with your choice of Operating System including Windows, Solaris and Linux. Our expert data center staff can also provide full management services which assist your business in the operation of your web applications, including DNS hosting, backup and data storage, managed firewalls, load balancing and more. Dedicated hosting solutions with DataBank can provide:

  • Complete control of the deployed configuration including processor, memory, disk drives and operating system
  • Full administrative and root level control to configure the system to meet your applications needs
  • Reliable bandwidth, rack space and all environmental controls
  • Power
    DataBank offers clients 100% uptime with options to utilizes our true 2N (A + B) power configurations. We maintain multiple, diverse and secure utility power feeds into every facility feed by multiple power grids from multiple substations. All on-site UPS and generators are secured and provide complete redundancy for your critical IT equipment.

    Whether you're deployed in a multi-tenant data hall, or a private suite with dedicated cooling requirements our engineering team ensures your environment is both balanced and efficient to meet your unique needs. DataBank ensures clients receive precise levels of cooling down to the rack and we deliver it in the most efficient manner possible in all of our data center facilities. We utilize technologies including direct-venting and hot aisle containment to guarantee our multi-tenant environments run efficiently throughout. All cooling units are powered and fed redundantly and DataBank also maintains substantial on-site water storage to safeguard the equipment and maintain cooling for extended periods, even in a direct utility interruption.

    At DataBank we take security seriously. This emphasis is clearly visible throughout every facility in our portfolio. Multiple layers of security protect every data center as well as all critical infrastructures supporting the facility. All entrances into secure areas include dual-factor authentication with biometrics and video monitoring captures and stores all entries. In addition, we also maintain on-site dedicated security staff to manage surveillance and monitor the secure areas parking and building perimeter. Our site security is managed, maintained and certified in SSAE-16 audits, performed annually at all sites, which confirm we strictly adhere to the controls and processes consistently throughout the data center footprint.

    Data Center Compliance
    DataBank performs annual audits for our data centers to comply with PCI-DSS & SSAE 16 controls. Our PCI-DSS RoC (Report on Compliance) gives clients of DataBank the peace of mind in knowing their IT equipment is housed within a top-of-the-line facility that meets one of the most stringent audit requirements in the industry. In addition we are committed to assisting our clients achieve their own compliance in a number of other audits, as well. Leveraging PCI's high standards within our RoC we can aid clients in their own compliance requirements for HIPAA, FISMA, as well as a number of other compliance regulations.
    >> More on Compliance

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