Ensuring your environment is safe and secure
Security is a top priority. No single security device is enough to secure your data; security requires a multi-layered Defense-in-Depth approach combined with an around-the-clock team. DataBank brings a full staff of security engineers and a Chief Information Security Officer to every solution we deliver.

Multi Layer Protection

We’re different because we understand that your data is valuable and security should be more than an upsell opportunity after you’ve had a compromise. Cyber attackers know that once they’ve penetrated a system, it’s much easier to move laterally. That’s why DataBank provides every customer a dedicated firewall, intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention system, netflow packet analysis, private VLANs, perimeter filtering and enterprise antivirus. On an average day, we stop millions of cyber attacks against your applications and infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business.

Tier 1 – Physical/Perimeter Security

  • Data centers with guards, cameras, biometric entry prevent physical incursions.
  • Redundant Tier 1 Internet carriers connected to border routers and firewalls filter known threats, automated attacks, malicious traffic, DDoS filters, bogon IPs, bad ports and untrusted networks.

Tier 2 – Intrusion Prevention & Detection

  • DataBank’s IPS provides deep packet inspection in real time at multi 10 gigabit speeds blocking packets and application attacks. Rules are updated daily and include most zero-day exploits.
  • Machines that have launched attacks against DataBank customers or that have been associated with cyber criminals are quarantined and not permitted into the DataBank network.

Tier 3 – Dedicated Firewalls/VLANs

  • Dedicated high-performance Cisco ASA firewalls are used to achieve complete isolation between environments. Because each client’s security needs are different, our firewall administrators work with you to tune your firewall rules for your specific applications.

Tier 4 – Web Application Firewalls

  • DataBank’s web application firewalls protect your data from hackers as they try to exploit weaknesses in code. Every web request is inspected for Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Path Traversal and 400+ other attacks.
  • DataBank’s security team works with you to craft very precise rules to prevent false positives without increasing risk.

Tier 5 – Enterprise Anti-Virus System

  • Enterprise class anti-virus system uses the latest anti-virus software combined with a host intrusion prevention system and central reporting to detect and remove viruses and malware from your servers before they can ever execute.

Security as a Service

How much time and money does your business spend on network and platform security? If the answer is 20-60 hours a week or nearly 40% of your total IT budget, your organization is not alone. DataBank is here to help. Through our robust portfolio of security as a service options — both in-house and best-in-class partnered solutions — our expert team can help ensure you’ll receive the optimal protection for your IT deployment. DataBank’s highly skilled technical and support teams can design a multi-layer defense solution to ensure that your IT environment maintains confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Full spectrum security and compliance expertise