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June 22, 2020

Atlanta BusinessRadioX Features DataBank’s Brandon Peccoralo, General Manager of ATL1

Listen to Brandon Peccoralo, General Manager of DataBank’s Atlanta data center (ATL1) located in midtown, on BusinessRadioX as he explains how the facility enables high-performance computing for the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Brandon explains the relationship between ATL1 anchor tenant Georgia Tech and DataBank, a unique partnership that allows the university to employ massive compute power, using substantial amounts of energy while remaining eco-friendly. ATL1 uses underground aquifers to draw water to liquid cool the Georgia Tech supercomputer. That heated water is then dispersed to buildings in the area to heat the building or offset boiler costs. Another ‘green’,’ eco-friendly initiative is a microgrid at ATL1 which can provide backup power during an outage or provide additional power during peak usage.

As an added benefit, the collaboration is keeping the best Georgia Tech-educated talent in Atlanta and the surrounding region – as opposed to losing the area’s best and brightest to other parts of the country.

Listen to the entire interview here.