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Renewable Power Reporting — Power Use in the Data Center: Who Can Make the “Green” Claim?
  • December 8, 2022
  • Edge

(Originally published in Data Center Frontier magazine) There’s a lot of confusion about renewable energy use in the data center, what electricity is considered renewable, and who can claim its…

Research Validates the DataBank Difference

Research results from a recent DataBank customer survey validates “the DataBank Difference.”

DataBank Teams with Arelion to Offer Customers Leading Global IP Backbone and Robust DDoS Protection

DataBank collaborates with Arelion to bring top-ranked global IP backbone platform and strong DDoS protection to data centers in six markets across the U.S.

Unveiling the New DataBank Website

Announcing the brand-new DataBank website, including many important features for customers, partners, and prospects.

The DataBank Customer Portal: Real Time Visibility and Control of Physical Access to Your Colocation Environment

In this second article in an ongoing series, we continue to present the DataBank Customer Portal and how it provides real time visibility and self-service control. This article highlights its capabilities for managing physical access.

Welcome to the DataBank Customer Portal
Welcome to the DataBank Customer Portal

The first article in an ongoing series introduces the DataBank Customer Support Portal and highlights key areas that can improve your overall experience.

Where’s the Edge? It’s Here…It’s There…It’s Everywhere.

This third article of our three-part series discusses how the edge is more than just micro data centers beneath cell towers. It’s ubiquitous, spans tier 1 cities and rural markets, and exists in many forms.

Software-Driven Infrastructure: The Experience IT Leaders Want
Software-Driven Infrastructure: The Experience IT Leaders Want

In our second article in our three-part series, we take a closer look at software-driven IT infrastructure—and describe how it can provide better experiences for IT leaders.

DataBank’s Portal Evolves the Data Center Experience
  • February 25, 2020
  • News

Whether we’re hosting a colocation environment with managed internet, or a cloud environment with managed services, the DataBank Portal provides granular visibility and control unmatched by the typical customer reporting platform.



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