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Data Center December 2, 2021

DataBank Breaks Ground on a Major New Data Center Build in Northern Virginia

IAD3 in Northern Virginia will bring a rich interconnection ecosystem to the largest data center market in the world.

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Compliance November 9, 2021

Understand Your IT Supply Chain Risks to Protect Your Digital Assets

Every company faces many IT risks when sharing digital assets and integrating systems with third parties. If vendors let their guard down when exchanging data with your IT systems, cybercriminals could find their way into your IT infrastructure. Here’s how to keep your entire IT supply chain strong.

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Compliance September 29, 2021

Compliance Audits: The Right Data Center Partner Makes All the Difference

When it comes to preparing for compliance audits, picking the right data center partner becomes a real advantage.

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Blog August 30, 2021

Why Colocation Density Matters

When it comes to picking the right data center, the importance of density—and specifically power density—is often overlooked. This article examines three critical density factors and highlights a specific density use case to show why colocation density is an important factor to consider.

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Blog August 9, 2021

Denver Data Centers

Learn more about DataBank’s four Denver metro data centers, including key mechanical information, interesting facts about the region, and colocation options and benefits.

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Blog June 18, 2021

Revealed: The Top 10 Questions DataBank Customers Ask

Because we are continually asking our customers what they want and need, we thought it would be both informative and fun for DataBank to reveal some of the key questions our customers or potential customers commonly ask us.

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Blog May 1, 2021

Benefits of the Digital Colony Portfolio and Partnership

DataBank and its customers can be confident from the broad digital perspective, innovative thinking, robust capital, and sustainable approach that comes from being part of the Digital Colony ecosystem

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Colocation February 18, 2021

Storm Readiness: DataBank Maintains Critical Operations in the Texas Market

Despite uncommon winter weather in Texas, DataBank’s customers have seen no interruption in service, and the preparedness plan is solid.

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Colocation February 2, 2021

Tax Incentives Add to Attractiveness of DataBank’s Salt Lake Data Centers

DataBank customers can now add another item to that list of attractive attributes: extremely attractive tax incentives.

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Data Center January 18, 2021

Recent Public Cloud Outage Demonstrates the Need to Get Back to IT Basics

How to avoid single points of failure and build fault tolerance into your IT environment.

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