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Company News

An assorment of featured DataBank news and media stories can be found below. For inquiries or more specific details please contact us at:

01/31/17 - DataBank Announces Acquisitions to Enter the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Markets
01/17/17 - DataBank Announces the Acquisition of C7 Data Centers
12/20/16 - DataBank Finalizes SSAE-16 Examinations in All Markets
07/14/16 - Digital Bridge Launches Data Center Platform With the Acquisition of DataBank
05/10/16 - DataBank hosts Tech Experience Tour for MSP High School AP IT students (external link location)
04/27/16 - Comcast Delivers Connectivity to DataBank's Twin Cities Data Center & Carrier-Hotel
02/18/16 - DataBank Expands Data Center Space & Cloud Services in Minneapolis
02/10/16 - DataBank is Expanding The North Dallas Data Center
12/15/15 - DataBank Partners with Actifio to Expand Data Backup & DevOps Service Offerings
10/14/15 - DataBank Completes Annual SSAE-16 Audits in All Markets
09/15/15 - DataBank’s Twin Cities Facility Fortifying Data Security Controls
07/23/15 - Uptime Certification - DataBank's Dan Allen Weighs In (external link location)
06/01/15 - DataBank Positioned for Enterprises in MSP - 451 Impact Report (PDF)
05/28/15 - DataBank Receives Uptime Institute Build Certification for MN Data Center
05/20/15 - DataBank Announces East Twin Cities Data Center Grand Opening
05/12/15 - DataBank Officially Qualifies for Minnesota Data Center Tax Incentives
03/11/15 - DataBank Receives Uptime Institute Design Certification for Minnesota Data Center
02/17/15 - DataBank Eagan Venture Recognized as Business Recruitment Project of the Year
12/17/14 - DataBank Completes Annual PCI-DSS Audits in All Markets
12/03/14 - DataBank Announces Expansion in KC
11/24/14 - DataBank Expands White-Floor in Downtown Dallas
10/21/14 - DataBank Adds HIPAA Compliance Attestation
09/16/14 - DataBank Completes SSAE-16 Examinations in All Markets
09/09/14 - DataBank Accelerates White-Floor construction in North Dallas
08/19/14 - DataBank Appoints Chief Technology Officer
06/23/14 - DataBank Announces New Data Center & 'Carrier Hotel' in Minneapolis
04/30/14 - DataBank Acquires Arsalon Technologies
03/12/14 - DataBank Announces Customer-Ready IPv6 Solution
11/13/13 - DataBank Completing $4 Million Minneapolis Data Center Upgrade
10/22/13 - DataBank Completes SSAE 16 Audits
07/31/13 - DataBank Announces New Managed Services
07/17/13 - DataBank Completes PCI Audits in TX
06/05/13 - DataBank Announces the Expansion of the VeriSpace Data Center in Minneapolis
05/29/13 - DataBank's VP of Technical Operations, Dan Allen, discusses Schneider Electric's Uniflair (external video)
05/29/13 - DataBank Chooses Schneider Electric's Uniflair (external link location)
04/18/13 - DataBank - Data Center Knowledge Article (external link location)
03/21/13 - DataBank Announces North Dallas Data Center Open House
03/18/13 - DataBank Acquires VeriSpace in MN
02/26/13 - DataBank Announces VP of Marketing
02/13/13 - DataBank Appoints VP of Operations
12/05/12 - DataBank's Premium North Dallas Data Center Nearing Completion
09/21/12 - Dallas Business Journal's Data Center Issue (PDF)
08/21/12 - DataBank Completes Annual PCI-DSS Audit
08/13/12 - DataBank - Dallas Chamber Member Spotlight (external link location)
07/26/12 - DataBank Completes SSAE 16 Audit
06/13/12 - DataBank Releases Specs for New Data Center
03/28/12 - DataBank Announces A New North Dallas Data Center
10/19/11 - DataBank Hires A New CFO
08/31/11 - DataBank Completes PCI-DSS Audit
06/15/11 - DataBank is Acquired by Avista Capital Partners (external link location)

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