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A Simple Guide To Colocation In Los Angeles

A Simple Guide To Colocation In Los Angeles

Colocation has become highly popular as a cost-effective way for businesses to run private data centers. Colocation is particularly useful in Los Angeles due to the expense and specific challenges of doing business there. With that in mind, here is a simple guide to colocation in Los Angeles, including its benefits and costs.

An overview of the Los Angeles business landscape

Los Angeles is globally renowned for its entertainment industry to the point where the term “Hollywood” has become synonymous with film-making. The city’s economy is, however, strongly diversified. Its status in the entertainment industry has helped it develop a huge tourist sector. It also has a major influence on the fashion industry, which, in turn, boosts its retail sector.

Outside of the creative sector, the contiguous ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach together form one of the busiest ports in the world and have enabled Los Angeles to become both a major logistics hub and a major manufacturing center. It has also encouraged the development of the financial, business, and real-estate sectors.

Additionally, Las Vegas is active in healthcare, biotech, herbal medicines, aerospace, defense, and technology. Its technology is largely focused on serving local industries, particularly entertainment. Its innovations can, however, often have wider benefits.

The benefits of colocation in Los Angeles

Here is an overview of the five main benefits of colocation in Los Angeles.

Easy access to a strategic location

Over recent years, it has become increasingly obvious that physical geography does still matter in an increasingly digital world. Having a data center near a user base makes for faster traffic and more reliable traffic.

The economic importance of Las Vegas means that many businesses are likely to benefit from having IT infrastructure there. Using colocation in Las Vegas provides a way to do so without the high upfront costs of buying real estate.


Using colocation allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while the colocation vendor deals with the day-to-day practicalities of managing data-center infrastructure. In particular, the provider will:

  • Ensure uptime (meaning the continued provision of power, cooling, and connectivity).
  • Manage both physical and cybersecurity for the data center as a whole.
  • Take care of business continuity and disaster recovery.

Colocation vendors in Los Angeles can also generally offer 24/7 monitoring and technical support as part of a contract and/or on-demand. This can limit the number of vendors a business needs to hire.

Scalability with customizability

Using colocation in Los Angeles is a much more scalable solution than running a private data center. Furthermore, it can be used with the public cloud for even greater scalability.

Factors influencing the cost of colocation in Los Angeles

Here is an overview of the 7 main factors influencing the cost of colocation in Los Angeles.

  • Location and physical space: A significant percentage of the cost of colocation is driven by the cost of real estate. This is particularly true of colocation in Los Angeles as the city has some of the highest real-estate prices in the world. The amount of physical space you need within a data center will also factor into the overall cost.
  • Tier level: Tier levels are awarded on the basis of reliability plus cost. Reliability is evaluated on the basis of uptime guarantees and fault-tolerance measures. Colocation facilities with higher tiers generally charge more than lower-tiered facilities in the same location.
  • Power requirements and energy efficiency: Colocation facilities in Los Angeles will need robust cooling to cope with the Los Angeles summers. This means that using a colocation vendor that prioritizes energy efficiency can significantly reduce costs.
  • Network connectivity options: Network connectivity options can be a major point of differentiation between colocation vendors in Los Angeles. Facilities located nearest to the major network hubs tend to be able to offer the widest bandwidth and the highest speed.
  • Security and compliance: Los Angeles is fairly safe from both human and environmental threats but real-world crime is always a concern, particularly in cities. Likewise, cybercrime is a major concern. You must be satisfied that your colocation vendor has robust measures against both. You may also need them to support relevant compliance programs.
  • On-site support and SLAs: The level of support offered by the vendor will influence costs as will the speed with which that support will be provided.
  • Contract length and flexibility: Many colocation vendors in Los Angeles will offer discounts to businesses that commit to contracts. By contrast, businesses that want maximum flexibility should expect to pay extra for it.

Colocation Los Angeles

If you are looking for colocation services in Los Angeles , DataBank is an excellent choice. DataBank has a state-of-the-art data center in Los Angeles , which offers 18,480 square feet of raised floor space, and 2MW critical IT load. Learn more about DataBank’s Los Angeles data center.

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