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DataBank Expands Connectivity: Introducing Console Connect Access Points Across 40 U.S. Data Centers
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  • DataBank Expands Connectivity: Introducing Console Connect Access Points Across 40 U.S. Data Centers

DataBank Expands Connectivity: Introducing Console Connect Access Points Across 40 U.S. Data Centers

DataBank recently strengthened the carrier access we offer to our customers by joining forces with Console Connect. The partnership brings the Console Connect Software Defined Interconnection® platform to more than 40 of our data centers across the U.S.

On demand, our customers can access the platform to link with SaaS providers and the 750+ data centers across the globe that are enabled by Console Connect. With an extensive and growing choice of cloud on-ramps in the US, the platform also directly integrates with the world’s largest cloud platforms—including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud.

Jeremy Pease, DataBank’s senior vice president of managed service operations, and Michael Glynn, vice president of digital automated innovation for Console Connect, point out how the platform addresses the primary networking challenges of security, speed, and agility.

“Using the Console Connect platform, DataBank customers can self-provision private, high-performance connections among a global ecosystem of enterprises, networks, clouds, SaaS providers, and IoT providers,” said Pease. According to Glynn, “What makes our platform different is the underlying network infrastructure, which we own and operate globally. This provides on-demand connectivity among all major metro areas and key markets across North America as well as international capacity to more than 50 countries.”

Benefits for DataBank and Console Connect Customers

Using the Console Connect web application or an open API, DataBank customers can manage and monitor multiple network connections and services in real time. This approach bypasses traditional manual service-delivery processes and shrinks connection timeframes from weeks to minutes.

The partnership also helps DataBank customers embrace hybrid ways of working as they increasingly rely on their networks to make it easier to securely access applications from both corporate and home-based offices. For example, within seconds, customers can self-provision Tier 1 IP transit connections. The Console Connect CloudRouter® also creates private and secure meshed networks instantly for multi-cloud environments—by connecting any cloud or any location without dedicated hardware.

“Our collaboration with DataBank allows customers in the U.S. to build their digital ecosystems and interconnect with a larger number of digital service providers,” Glynn adds. “This is key given the surge in demand for cloud solutions and the massive shift to hybrid working models. This accelerates the need for high-performance networking that can support mission-critical workloads.”

For Console Connect customers, the partnership expands their reach to DataBank’s key metro hubs such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, and Seattle. They can tap into our range of colocation solutions to access remote peering and colocation services for business applications.

Console Connect Software Defined Interconnection® Platform Highlights

  • Layer 2 MPLS network
  • Metro, regional, and international connectivity among more than 50 countries worldwide
  • Instant reach to more than 750 data centers
  • Direct connections with platform customers: enterprises, carriers, cloud providers, SaaS providers, IoT providers, and application providers
  • Direct remote peering interconnections to Internet Exchanges worldwide
  • Tier 1 global IP transit (AS3491) service (ranked in the top 10 for IPv4 and IPv6 peering)

Private Connections to Any Service Provider

With many of the world’s leading cloud and SaaS providers headquartered or located across the U.S., Console Connect helps businesses create private, dedicated connections to their service provider of choice. The platform is currently available to DataBank customers in more than 40 data center locations across the US, and Console Connect will be introduced to more facilities later this year.

To engage the Console Connect network, DataBank customers can order an access port at any enabled data center and then launch private connectivity on demand. Customers pay only for the bandwidth they need, even if it is just for a day. For more information, contact DataBank today.

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