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DataBank COVID-19 Status Update for April 2020 – DataBank Continues Full Operations and to Service Customers
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  • DataBank COVID-19 Status Update for April 2020 – DataBank Continues Full Operations and to Service Customers

DataBank COVID-19 Status Update for April 2020 – DataBank Continues Full Operations and to Service Customers

  • April 18, 2020
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Dear DataBank Customer:

DataBank is now a full forty-five (45) days into the enactment of our Continuity of Operations Plan (CoOP) and response to COVID-19. As the country and the world plods through this new “normal,” DataBank remains fully operational, moving forward, and continues to serve our customers with no degradation of services.

The overwhelming reason that DataBank remains in a fully operational state is that both our employees and customers have adhered to the enhanced controls established by DataBank in March and heeded the requests to shelter-in-place by local authorities. Many of you, our valued customers, have taken the proper precautions by only coming into the data centers when necessary and, more importantly, taken advantage of our remote hands functions to accomplish tasks. THANK YOU! We encourage you to continue to utilize our onsite, remote hands teams as this reduces foot traffic in the data centers and thus reduces risk to our staff and those customers that must come in.

DataBank is not enacting any new controls, requirements, or restrictions in our data centers at this time for employees or customers. We strongly believe, and evidence shows, that our existing plan is working. A key component of our plan is that the wellness and well-being of our staff are tracked daily, even on days when people are not working a shift. As a result, we have, at various times, isolated personnel from the facilities even when minor symptoms arise, just to be sure. This is how strongly we are committed to your wellness as well as our own. As a result of this, DataBank data centers have not experienced any known cases of COVID-19 in the facilities.

Our Containment Plan is Working

The DataBank facilities plan that is working well thus far is a three-phased approach we call “containment levels.” It is as follows (summation and highlights):

Containment Level 1 – Preventative Precautions:

  • Posted CDC COVID-19 Stop the Spread of Germs notifications.
  • Sanitizers available.
  • Limiting of large groups.
  • Cleaning after visitor/client visits.
  • Shared tools such as crash carts, ladders, handcarts are checked out (like a library) and cleaned after each use.

Containment Level 2 – Access curtailment and Site Screenings

  • All items noted in level 1.
  • All visitors must go through a screening consisting of questions provided by the CDC (have you had a fever, dry cough, shortness of breath etc.). A person may be denied entry based on a “yes” response to these questions.
  • Sites that are not staffed 24/7 will be accessible by appointment only when not staffed (request via a ticket).
  • Conference rooms, lounges, burn-in rooms and similar areas of our facilities will be inaccessible.

Containment Level 3 – Site Isolation and Sanitization

  • All aspects of Level 1 and Level 2 are in place.
  • Containment is for the purposes of data center isolation and to ensure the continued function of the data center.
  • Isolations may occur for the following reasons:
    • Lawful government order.
    • DataBank Management determines a risk to personnel, property, or continued operations is at severe risk.
    • A confirmed case of COVID-19 is found to have existed with the facility and sanitization is required.

What Happens if the site is Isolated?

If a site requires isolation, either by the government or DataBank management order or due to a known COVID case within the facility, DataBank will continue to monitor the facility, operations, and security, by either a minimal staff or remote facilities staff 24/7. Our continuous monitoring tools, processes, and alarm systems at all sites will continue to alert us to any developing issues. DataBank will continue to maintain our 100% uptime guarantee.

What happens if a Site is COVID-19 Positive?

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the site, DataBank will institute a sanitization process with a certified cleaning contractor and initiate a contact trace process of confirmed and presumed contacted surfaces.

Individuals impacted by the results of the contact trace will be notified via their employer to ensure their health and well-being. Customers that have systems affected by any temporary isolation procedure will be notified of this emergency sanitization process via a ticket. DataBank will ensure all cleaning products meet OSHA standards and are acceptable for cleaning without impact on computing devices. Access to isolation areas will be limited or inaccessible for a period of time leading up to cleaning and for 24 hours after successful sanitization. Emergency remote hands and emergency customer access will be evaluated on a per request basis with requests submitted through the DataBank Portal or contact your Account Manager. Access that is approved will occur in full PPE gear to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Upon successful sanitization process and subsequent 24-hour isolation period, the site will be re-opened based on Level 2 standards.

Staying Ahead of the Curve – Risk Analysis and Intelligence Monitoring

DataBank continues to closely monitor the situation not only in our data centers, but in their surrounding geographies, as well. There is a daily brief that is provided to key management team members. The management team also meets at least twice weekly to be briefed, address situations, and make decisions. This daily brief includes collection and analysis of DataBank specific information, medical information, government orders, civil unrest activities, and other general need to know items that may impact DataBank. The DataBank team uses this to conduct a risk analysis that results in a date center being assigned a containment phase.

Updates from Previous Communications

Can a Customer Come to the Data Center?

Yes – DataBank remains a National Critical Function and remains open for business. We encourage our customers to first consider using the DataBank remote hands availability to conduct changes to systems. If you must come into the data center, please adhere to local laws and the controls in place at the data center you are visiting. Please, if you are ill, do not come into our data center – we can help you. DataBank is not conducting group tours at this time.

What if I am Denied Entry?

If you are denied entry, please consider utilizing the DataBank Remote Hands functions or you may contact your account manager for further discussion.

How will DataBank Communicate Changes With Us?

DataBank will communicate changes to our Data Center access or other functions through email to your assigned point of contact (as defined by the Portal) via web (blog) announcements or through the DataBank Portal.

DataBank Employee Travel

DataBank has restricted its staff to management approved essential travel only until at least May 30, 2020.

BCP and Pandemic Compliance Questionnaires

DataBank will respond to BCP or Pandemic plan compliance questionnaires with only the data that is provided in this and previous blogs.


If you have additional questions or concerns regarding our preparation and plans, please direct any questions to

Thank you,

DataBank Leadership

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