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DataBank Partners with Arelion: Leading Global IP Backbone and Robust DDoS Protection
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  • DataBank Partners with Arelion: Leading Global IP Backbone and Robust DDoS Protection

DataBank Partners with Arelion: Leading Global IP Backbone and Robust DDoS Protection

Scalable and secure internet connectivity is now mission-critical as enterprises re-architect their business models and migrate to hybrid cloud infrastructures. To help our customers take on this challenge, DataBank partners with the leading global carriers, including Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier). Throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Arelion provides IP transit services, cloud connectors, and dense wavelength division multiplexing to increase the bandwidth of fiber networks.

For DataBank customers, Arelion currently provides services within six of our markets—Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City. We also work in tandem in other markets and we are looking to connect more facilities in the future as customer demand guides our ongoing expansion of this partnership.

“Our partnership with Arelion is driven by their continual investments in major U.S. cities and key edge markets,” says Michael Ward, director of network architecture for DataBank. “This helps drive connectivity and network diversity while also providing enterprises with more scalability options and additional connectivity choices.”

Top-Ranked Global Backbone

With more than 2,000 customers worldwide, the Arelion private Cloud Connect service links directly to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Arelion IP transit services—featuring one of the world’s leading global IP backbones—ensure reliability and uptime for direct routes between content and end-users.

“Currently, our customer base accounts for 65% of all internet routes,” says Art Kazmierczak, Arelion director of business & network development. “Our Tier 1 peering ecosystem provides dedicated, high-capacity transport to carry high volumes of traffic across long-haul stretches with direct connectivity that enhances user experiences throughout more than 125 countries.”

Through DataBank’s partnership with Arelion, customers also enjoy direct access to a unique ecosystem of more than 700 networks, content, and cloud application service providers. These systems feature high-quality connectivity and low latency for optimal end-user experiences.

Strong Protection Against DDoS Attacks

With security, a key concern among enterprise customers, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation is crucial to maintain business continuity. Arelion takes on this challenge within its global IP backbone.

The platform proactively manages terabit-scale attacks before they cause service disruption at customer aggregation points. With Arelion’s simplified architecture, automatic mitigation, multi-homed coverage, and detailed analytics, customers can be confident their applications are well-protected.

Real-Time Provisioning to Improve Connectivity Experiences

For private cloud connectivity needs, DataBank customers can connect with Arelion to leverage the same scalable network infrastructure trusted by large public cloud providers. They also can quickly configure private bandwidth links connecting global data centers and cloud instances.

“DataBank’s partnership with Arelion also enables us to deliver in locations where they provide services as cloud on-ramps,” said Ward. That current list of locations includes:



DFW3, as an extended cross-connect

SLC1 and the SLC Campus






PIT2, as an extended cross-connect

“We also use an open optical layer that allows customers to provision equipment from multiple vendors,” Kazmierczak explains. “This accelerates core backbone expansions and maintains expected delivery intervals. It also solves delivery challenges associated with supply chain dependence on private fixed transport networks.”

“Arelion’s network services greatly benefit any company looking to improve user connectivity experiences,” adds Ward. “They facilitate business operations through fast delivery intervals and transparency—along with secure, automated self-serve capability. This is all achievable through the Arelion portal and APIs, which enable real-time service provisioning and reporting.”

For more information on how your company can take advantage of Arelion connectivity services, contact your DataBank account manager or visit You can also find out more at the Arelion website—

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