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DataBank’s NYC and Newark Carrier Hotel Data Centers: Connections to Every Corner of the World
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  • DataBank’s NYC and Newark Carrier Hotel Data Centers: Connections to Every Corner of the World

DataBank’s NYC and Newark Carrier Hotel Data Centers: Connections to Every Corner of the World

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DataBank’s NYC and Newark Carrier Hotel Data Centers: Connections to Every Corner of the World

If you need to catch an infrastructure connection in New York City or Newark, DataBank has just the right carrier hotel data center for you. Deploying your IT compute resources in a carrier hotel gives you several benefits:

• Fast Delivery: Quick installation intervals speed your time-to-market for new services
• Carrier Selection: A diverse range of many telecommunications service providers
• Low-Latency Performance: Direct access to carrier backbones
• Arbitrage Costs: Competition among the carriers drives down customer pricing
• Scalability: Flexibility to select carriers without physically moving equipment to another data center

Whether you need to connect to an internet service provider, network service provider, or peering exchange, DataBank has interconnection points where you need them at our three carrier hotel data centers serving the greater NYC area:

LGA1 – 60 Hudson Street, New York City
More than 100 domestic and global telecommunications companies have established colocation interconnects inside DataBank’s secure LGA1 environment. This data center is located in one of North America’s premier carrier hotels in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. Previously, the building was the headquarters of Western Union and known worldwide for providing telegraph services.

With 700,000 square feet of floor space, the building is 24 stories tall and remains a well-recognized communications center with a nerve system of wires and cables reaching every corner of the nation and the world. Since the late 1990s, 60 Hudson Street has housed colocation operators and is recognized today as the main internet hub in the Northeast U.S. DataBank has unique responsibilities here since the 60 Hudson Meet Me Room is operated by DataBank. This means the 100+ domestic and global telecommunication companies that have a presence in the building can get interconnected via DataBank maintaining a carrier-neutral site.


LGA2 – 111 Eighth Avenue, New York City
Also located in Manhattan, LGA2 is in a carrier hotel building that’s bigger than the Empire State Building and currently serves as the Google NYC headquarters. The building was originally the core piece of a plan created by the NYC Port Authority to reshape the region’s transportation network.

At 2.9 million square feet of floor space and 16 stories high, 111 Eighth Avenue has one of the largest footprints in Manhattan, taking up an entire city block. Some call it a skyscraper built on its side. In 1998, the building owners started bringing in the backbone infrastructure of the internet and internet tenants, and today the location is adjacent to trunk fiber optic lines—with access to 13 carrier hotels and 100 enterprise buildings in NYC and northern New Jersey.

Connectivity at LGA2

EWR1 – 165 Halsey Street, Newark
This carrier hotel, EWR1, formerly known as the Bamberger Building, was initially designed as a department store. The 14 stories span 1.2 million square feet covering an entire block, and large open areas make it ideal for telecommunications equipment and data center operations.

As a major colocation center for the New York metropolitan area, the building is among the world’s largest carrier hotels and the principal access point of the Apollo optical submarine communications cable system crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Major financial exchanges have established a presence in the building, including the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

All three current data centers provide four internet exchange points, including a direct connection to DE-CIX Internet Peering Exchange, the fourth largest exchange in the U.S., and the largest neutral exchange on the Eastern seaboard. The data centers also leverage numerous submarine cable connections to accelerate communications and data exchanges across the Atlantic.

Interconnection Services
· Access to multiple entryway points, diverse riser paths, and numerous fiber networks.
· Console Connect and Megaport cloud on-ramps—using a combination of virtual cross-connects, intra-building risers, and local loop connectors.
· Extensive internal cross-connects and risers among DataBank data center rooms and with other data center operators in the carrier hotels.

Coming Soon: Expanded Capacity in New York
The three DataBank data centers at carrier hotels in NYC and Newark provide infrastructure services to more than 175 customers—spanning telecom, mobile carriers, entertainment, healthcare, media, IT, and other industry sectors.

For added compute capacity and data backups, DataBank is building LGA3 in Orangeburg, NY, and tethering it to LGA1 and EWR1 upon opening in early 2024. LGA3 will offer 40 MW in over 200,000 square feet as a greenfield build where the benefits of these highly connected carrier hotels will be available via DataBank’s managed interconnection services. With over 45 network providers combined within LGA1 and EWR1, LGA3 customers will have immediate access to these providers with many providers having diverse Points Of Presence within LGA1 and EWR1.

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