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Demystifying Bare Metal Cloud: How It Works and Why It Matters

Demystifying Bare Metal Cloud: How It Works and Why It Matters

Cloud computing has been on the rise in a major way. As the concept becomes more familiar to the public, another term has been gaining traction as well. Bare metal cloud is the alternative to traditional cloud services. This cloud is a new approach to cloud infrastructure. Naturally, a potentially superior product has captured the ears of businesses everywhere. In this article, we’re going to demystify bare metal cloud and put a spotlight on why it matters in our technology-driven world.

What is Bare Metal Cloud?

If you’re just discovering bare metal cloud, it will likely sound similar to other cloud services. At least, at first. Technically, bare metal cloud is a computing model that works on servers that are used by only one client each. All of this is accomplished without the virtualization layer that are synonymous with traditional cloud environments. No longer is sharing a server the way things have to be done. Bare metal cloud’s defining feature is giving users access to the raw hardware, exclusively.

That kind of privilege also offers up extra bonuses, which make bare metal cloud a superior choice for businesses with unique needs.

Added Security

The last thing any business wants is for there to be a security breach on their server. No matter what kind of company it is, private information needs to stay that way. In addition to scrutiny, it can really have an impact on the company and the lives of those impacted by a system hack. When multiple clients share the same server, you’re more likely to be open to such an issue.

Of course, that’s not to say traditional services don’t try and protect their interests. On the contrary, actually. However, the risk can never be fully eliminated in these situations. A dedicated server is the best way to combat these types of infiltrations, especially for companies that routinely store sensitive information.

Meeting Compliance

Some industries require going the extra mile in terms of security. Not only do you have to meet safety standards, but there are extra protocols in place for a higher level of data protection. The control over the bare metal cloud’s infrastructure means compliance needs can be met in the settings.

Unmatched Customization

In a traditional cloud setting, there are plenty of plug-and-play options on setup. That makes it sound like users have a chance to really customize their cloud. It’s true, to a degree. However, bare metal cloud goes a bit deeper into what users have control of. It’s sort of the difference between paint by the number versus painting a blank canvas. The user gets to be the master of their own server.

Powerful Performance

This is, perhaps, the most sought-after benefit of all. Not sharing a server means not sharing resources. When everything is yours, the performance skyrockets. Not only is the system consistently faster, it basically eliminates lagging.

How Bare Metal Cloud Works

Now that you have insight into what sets bare metal cloud apart, we’ll go through a bit on how it works. Looking under the hood is a great place to get a better perspective on why bare metal cloud is able to pull off what it does. The first thing you’ll notice is the lack of a hypervisor layer.

Traditional cloud environments use hypervisors to manage multiple clients doing business from one machine. Because bare metal cloud is a dedicated server, there’s no reason to have hypervisors at all. Cutting out the middleman is another way to boost power.

Upon setup, each client has full reign over the hardware in their server. That includes options like storage capacity, type of processor, network configurations, and even how much memory is used. The operating system being used by the client is the same on the server.

Why Bare Metal Cloud Matters

Something like bare metal cloud was bound to be created. As technology evolves, there needed to be a product that safeguards data without compromising speed. The challenges of today need a multi-faceted answer and bare metal cloud meets the demands.

Keeping Up Workloads

Long gone are the days when computers came equipped with 20 gigs of space and that was enough. The incredible amount of resources needed to keep so many applications going by today’s standards is hard to comprehend. That’s just normal use. Imagine the enormous computing power needed to sustain scientific simulations, data analysis, AI, and so many other tasks. Bare metal cloud makes it possible.

Smooth Running Databases

The high performance that accompanies bare metal cloud is precisely what keeps it running so efficiently. This comes with faster data access, processing, and storage.

Tight Security

Not being open to potential exposure of private data is always a win. That is especially true in government, healthcare, and finance. Being compliant and safe is a huge draw to bare metal cloud.


No one wants to get booted from a website or see the dreaded reload button. Having consistent performance for applications is often vital to the health of a company. Bare metal cloud eliminates issues that can cause disruption in virtual environments.


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