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DUO Mobile Application No Longer Supported On iOS 11 and Android 7

DUO Mobile Application No Longer Supported On iOS 11 and Android 7

Prepared by: Lori Bowser

Background Info
Companies decide all the time how long they will support applications running on older systems. Android 7 was released on August 22, 2016. The iOS 11 version was released on September 19, 2017. These versions are outdated and may pose a security risk. Due to the decreasing use of iOS 11 and Android 7, Duo has decided that after February 1, 2021, they will no longer support their app on these legacy mobile operating systems. Duo Mobile will continue to be fully supported on iOS 12 and Android 8 and newer.

When does this support end?
Beginning February 1, 2021, devices running iOS 11 or Android 7 or older will no longer be able to install Duo Mobile from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Why is this happening?
DUO wants to focus their engineering efforts on newer operating systems, ensure security risks are updated, and to allow them to build helpful and secure features.

What’s the impact of this change?
If you have already downloaded the Duo Mobile app on your device with either iOS 11 or Android 7, you will still be able to use it until the application fails. You will get the Duo Mobile-generated passcodes delivered via the app. You will continue to get SMS-delivered passcodes and phone callback authentications verification codes as those do not rely on the Duo Mobile app. Duo Push will continue to work. If your Duo application fails or your phone dies, you will not be able to download that same version after February 1, 2020. There will no longer be any troubleshooting done on these versions either.

You should always run the latest version of DUO Mobile on a supported Operating system to maintain a strong security posture. You should upgrade your devices to the latest iOS or Android versions.


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